Foley & van Dam [et al]
"Computer Graphics : principles and practice" (review)
2nd edn. Addison-Wesley, 1990.

The encyclopaedia of computer graphics if ever there was one. This book covers a very wide range of topics on computer graphics and has become a sort of 'standard text' for people working in the field. It covers all manner of topics from rendering specifics to procedural modelling and animation.

Like any encyclopaedia, the depth of the material presented is limited by the expansive breadth. (Although the authors have made a commendable effort to say the least!) This is a useful reference book to have on the shelf and provides an excellent means of locating further references after gaining a preliminary understanding of a topic.

This book is not the sort of text I would like to refer to in order to implement some specific algorithm, nor would I think it would be adequate as a teaching aid. It does provide explanations suitable for those whose understanding of the field is good enough just to need a jolt or shove in the right direction.

Alan Dorin, 12 Dec 94.

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