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CSE5301 Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems
(Neuro-Fuzzy Computing)

Syllabus Details Assignments and reports due dates 2004 version

Exam: Friday, June 3rd, 3-5pm. Venue: 11/H7

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Assignment/practical 1

  1. Introduction to MATLAB.
  2. Basic properties of neural networks.
  3. Perceptron.

Assignment/practical 2: Adaline and Multilayer Perceptron
Updated: 23 April 2005

  1. Neural Network Toolbox.
    MATLAB demo script: fap2dLM.m
  2. Linear Networks Adaline and its applications.
  3. Multilayer Perceptron Back-Propagation.
  4. Image coding algorithm
    MATLAB utilities: blkM2vc.m, vc2blkM.m,

Assignment/practical 3: Usupervised Learning
Version: 5 May 2005

  1. Hebbian learning.
    MATLAB demo script: OjaPCA.m
  2. Competitive learning.
  3. Self-Organizing Maps.
    Related MATLAB scripts: FM22.m ,    sofm.m .

22 May 2005
Please collect your marked assignment from the School office b.75, ground floor.

Assignment/practical 4: Fuzzy Inference Systems.

An extract from the Fuzzy Toolbox User's Guide (95 pages) can be found here fuzzyTut4.pdf

Lecture Notes

Table of contents

  1. Lecture 1: Basic concepts of Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Systems

  2. Lecture 2: Perceptron
    MATLAB demo script: perc.m

  3. Lecture 3: ADALINE -- The Adaptive Linear Element
    MATLAB demo scripts: adln1.m ,    adlpr.m ,    adsid.m ,    adlnc.m ,    cJ2x.m

  4. Lecture 4 (old version): Feedforward Multilayer Neural Networks -- part I
    Lecture 4 (improved version):
    MATLAB demo scripts: fap2Di.m ,    fap2D.m

  5. Lecture 5: Feedforward Multilayer Neural Networks -- part II
    MATLAB demo scripts: nwini.m ,

  6. Lecture 6: Unsupervised Learning (version: 28 Apr 05)
    Related MATLAB scripts: CmpInit.m, CmpLrn.m
    Self-Organizing maps: SOMs

  7. Lecture 7 - Foundations of Fuzzy Logic
    L11fz pdf

  8. Lecture 8 - Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System
    L12fz pdf

MATLAB manuals: nnet.pdf , fuzzy.pdf
Revision Questions (31 May 2005)

2004 examination questions

Andrew P. Paplinski
1 June 2005