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Chris Avram is the imediate past Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) in the Faculty of Information Technology of Monash University in Australia and currently chairs the Graduate Studies committee of the Faculty Education Committee. He is a senior lecturer in computer technology in the Caulfield School of Information Technology.

He is the secretary to the Australian Computer Society Computer Systems and Software Engineering Technical Board, Chairman on the Discipline Committee, secretary to the Victorian Branch of ACS, and an imediate past vice President of the Australian Computer Society.

He is the Australian representative to the General Assembly of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP). He is the treasurer elect of IFIP. He is the Australian representative to IFIP Technical Committee TC5 Information Technology application.

Current teaching and research interests

Chris Avram B.Sc. (Hons) (1974) (Mon) FACS PCP MACM SIEEE is a senior lecturer in computer technology in the Caulfield School of IT of the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University, at the Caulfield Campus. Chris has an interest in computer architecture, computer operating systems, information security, computer education and the computing profession.

This year, in semester one Chris will teach CSE5210 data security. Some reference material for this subject can be found at PGP information. Also in semester 1, he will teach FIT1001/CSE1201 Computer Systems/Computer organisation. Students may download the Powerpoint files and print them locally. A Powerpoint viewer is available from Microsoft for free. Finally, he will teach weeks 10-13 of BUS5112 Computer facilities network management .

Recently, Chris has taught data security COT5210, deductive database COT4330, data communications COT2001, computer technology COT7700 and operating systems and database COT1140. And many many other subjects in IT over 18 years.

Chris is active in computer education research, running a project to identify student expectations and perceptions on entry to first year bachelor programs in IT. Chris has research interests including the application of computer technology to commercial data processing (see Computer Technology Technical report number TR94-02 New paradigms for transaction processing), telecommuting (see Technical report in preparation ISDN for low cost wide area small office bridging), home oriented information technology, the provision of personal privacy via technical means (see Technical report 93-xx Reducing the cost of tax file number systems), electronic support for teaching (see the Monash Online Lecture Notes System Monline), network security and mobile computing.

Here is some good news, the Global Positioning System (GPS) has switched off Selective Availability (SA). Accuracy, in civilian applications, is now +/- 4.8m. I tested it with my DeLorme Earthmate and Melway map 67 in Melbourne in my car recently. Here is what it looks like.

Contact details

Business hours

Mail Mr. Chris Avram
Monash University Computer Technology
PO Box 197
Caulfield East Vic 3145
Location Room H5.21; 900 Dandenong Road; Caulfield East
Melway map reference 68 F1 and map 476 (pre 1998 edn. 26 see map 268) Room H5.21
Here is a 12K
campus map

Clayton office 63.G05

Voice Caulfield +61399032196
Clayton +61399058306
Mobile Voice (GSM) +61419329175
Fax +61399031077


Email Don't use this, I miss stuff sent here
Mail Mr. Chris Avram
PO Box 147
Elsternwick Vic 3185
Voice +61395284501
Mobile Voice +61419329175
Fax On request


I have a new PGP key, search the key servers like ldap:// or (ok as at 3/3/2005)
Look for Chris Avram or KeyID is 0xC7041454 it is best to use PGP to search, but there is web search engine at
My new key has a photograph in it.

PGP is at
Version: 2.3a

1024/61C0E5 1994/04/04 Chris Avram <>
Fingerprint = EA 10 DE AA 5B 34 6F 89 FE 57 89 54 97 C8 0D 42
If you must, you can see what I looked like in 1989. Just click here to view a picture of Chris Avram

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