CSE2305 - Object-Oriented Software Engineering
frequently asked questions


Frequently Asked Questions


      Section 1: Miscellaneous questions Section 2: Assessment related questions

    Section 3: Lab class related questions

Section 1: Miscellaneous questions

1.1: Why aren't there more Frequently Asked Questions?

Because no-one has asked any more questions yet :-) Be a trend-setter and ask something in (or after) class!

1.2: Which textbook should I buy?

The bibliography section contains a list of textbooks for this course. It is not essential to purchase any textbook for this course. However, many students purchase either the Stroustrup or Lippman and Lajoie books, particularly if they plan on writing more C++ code, as these books serve as valuable reference texts for C++ programming. It is certainly not recommended to purchase both Stroustrup and Lippman & Lajoie as they essentially cover the same material. Each book has a different "style" – you should look over these books first and decide which style you find easier to understand.

Please note that all recommended reading texts are available on reserve from the library.

Section 2: Assessment related questions

2.1: Where can I access the on-line versions of the assignment sheets?

From the assessment overview page.


2.2: Can I do the assignments on a Windows machine?
You can develop them on any machine/OS combination you desire, however they will be assessed on Linux machines using the standard Linux development environment (gcc, gdb, make) so whatever environment you develop your assignment material on, you will need to port it to Linux.


2.3: What will be the format of the final exam?

The exam will be approximately one-third multiple choice (40 questions), one-third short answer type questions, and one third long answer questions.

The assessable material in the exam will be derived from the material covered in the lectures, work in the lab classes, assignments and homework exercises.

A sample exam will be made available on-line later in the semester.

Section 3: Lab class related questions

3.1: What's wrong with gdb?

Some students on some machines have been having trouble getting gdb to run successfully:

        	gdb: virtual memory exhausted: can't allocate 538928514 bytes.

The problem isn't that gdb needs half a gigabyte of RAM (after all, it's not a Microsoft product ;-)

The problem is that an old (and evidently incompatible) version of gdb is installed on some CC machines.

We are having a newer version installed, but in the meantime you may like to use the dbx debugger instead, or try a different machine.

3.2: Can I change lab or tutorial classes?

Normally, no, you cannot change. If, however, you have a timetable clash or some serious and important reason, it might be possible to swap you allocated times. It helps .


3.3: Is it compulsory to addend the labs/tutorials?

Yes, it is compulsory to attend the labs and tutorials. You are required to attend because the labs and tutorials compliment the material covered in the lectures. Your attendance at labs and tutorials is recorded and may count in your favour in special cases of assessment consideration.

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