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What are scripts?

Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

A Few Examples

Identifying Requests to Execute Scripts

Passing 'Hard Coded' Parameters to Scripts

Passing User - Specified Parameters to Scripts

Front End to Keyword List Scripts

The lousy interface to Archie (again)

Front End to Named Parameter List Scripts

Secret agent name:

Which secret device do you want for your mission?

How many of this secret device did you destroy last mission?

Do you promise not to destroy any more of these devices? Yes No

Secret agent password:

Here's some of the HTML...

<FORM ACTION="/cgi-bin/order_toys" METHOD=POST >

<P>Secret Agent Name:
< INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="name">


<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Transmit Order to HQ">
< INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="Eat Order">

< /FORM>

Remember Clickable Image Maps?

CGI Magic


This lecture's key point(s):

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