Expression-based attribute values under the name of one-way constraints provide a simple powerful basis for UI widget layout: see the explanation of Elliot's RelativeLayout, a Constraint-Based Layout Manager for Java.

For more information about one-way constraints and GUIs in general see references in

B. Vander Zanden et al. Lessons learned about one-way, dataflow constraints in the Garnet and Amulet graphical toolkits, ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems (TOPLAS) 23(6), 2001.

The current extension is based on the ideas described in

K. Marriott, B. Meyer, and L. Tardif. Fast and efficient client-side adaptivity for SVG. WWW 2002 May 2002.

and circulated in a posting to the www-svg mailing list:

A forthcoming paper to be presented at SVG Open 2004 discusses the CSVG extension and our implementation in detail.

C. McCormack, K. Marriott, and B. Meyer. Adaptive layout using one-way constraints in SVG. SVG Open 2004, September 2004.

You can also view the slides from the preentation (in SVG).

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