my research interests, work, and PhD stuff...

currently doin'

PhD candidate in collective intelligence, in the realm of Twitter/microblogging...

  • ... harnessing the 'Wisdom of Crowds' using Twitter and Web2.0 microblogging services.
  • ... for trend visualization & demographic visualization of a microblog trend (in progress)
  • ... study of the social information spread on Twitter (in progress)
  • ... sentiment analysis, and event prediction (tba)
  • ... current investigation: emergent behavior in common Tweet categories [in progress]
  • ... papers submitted for consideration:
    • commonalities in user/message domains' emergent properties w.r.t. trends [pending review]
    • Twitter/microblogging in disaster and crisis response [pending review]
    • Twitter in measuring real-world environmental activism: expanded paper [pending review]
  • ... academic papers currently working on: capturing real-time streaming tweets for timeline analysis and high-level (zero-assumption) opinion analysis

research interests

kind of randomly multidisciplinary actually...

  • Twitter and microblog research on the collective intelligence: (mostly as stated in the list above) not limited to Twitter per se, but also inclusive of the cornucopia of Web 2.0 social networking and content publishing sites.
  • Image processing: specifically with pixel-level processing, GLCM methods, texture/textile recognition.
  • Data mining: not too much on the theory, with more focus toward application of DM techniques (e.g. SOM & naive clusterers) on a sea of data.
  • Collective intelligence (general): Wisdom of Crowds, democracies and markets, collective action, the tipping point.
  • Political science: media analysis, electoral trends, social media expression (good example: JGill's takeover from KRudd)
  • Social networks & the new media: Web 2.0 trends, the blogosphere, memetics, social media, OSNs, Facebook et al.