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High-Performance Parallel Database Processing and Grid Databases


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Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction (download ppt slides-1 and ppt slides-2)
  2. Analytical Models (ppt slides)
  3. Parallel Search (ppt slides)
  4. Parallel Sort and GroupBy (ppt slides)
  5. Parallel Join (ppt slides)
  6. Parallel GroupBy-Join
  7. Parallel Indexing (ppt slides)
  8. Parallel Universal Quantification - Collection Join Queries
  9. Parallel Query Scheduling and Optimization
  10. Transactions in Distributed and Grid Databases (ppt slides)
  11. Grid Concurrency Control (ppt slides)
  12. Grid Transaction Atomicity and Durability (ppt slides)
  13. Replica Management in Grids (ppt slides)
  14. Grid Atomic Commitment in Replicated Data
  15. Parallel Online Analytic Processing (OLAP) and Business Intelligence
  16. Parallel Data Mining - Association Rules and Sequential Patterns (ppt slides)
  17. Parallel Clustering and Classification




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