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Dr Fabian Bohnert

Dipl.-Math. oec., Ph.D., Research Fellow

Clayton School of Information Technology
Faculty of Information Technology
Monash University, Clayton, VIC 3800

phone: +61 3 9905 5207
email: fabian.bohnert [AT]

Short biography

Dr Fabian Bohnert is a research fellow at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia). His current research is based in the fields of user modelling and personalisation. He is particularly interested in adaptive statistical techniques for user modelling and recommendation generation in physical spaces with organised information. Fabian holds a Ph.D. from Monash University (Melbourne, Australia), and a Diplom in econo-mathematics (eq. master in econo-mathematics) from Ulm University (Ulm, Germany) with majors data mining and actuarial studies. When undertaking his Diplom thesis and during internships in industry, his research involved probabilistic predictive data modelling and data mining.

Research interests

Visitors to physical educational environments, such as museums, galleries or zoos, are often overwhelmed by the information available in the space they are exploring. Typically being limited in receptivity and time, they are confronted with the challenge of finding and selecting the personally interesting items to view within the available time. Mobile technology, such as mobile electronic handheld guides, can provide guidance and support a visitor in this selection process by identifying and recommending items that match his/her interests. However, recommendation generation from non-intrusive observations of a visitor's behaviour in physical spaces has challenges of its own. Factors such as the spatial layout of the environment and suggested order of item access must be taken into account, as they constrain the recommendation process. I am investigating adaptive user modelling and personalisation approaches that consider such and other constraints.

My Ph.D. supervisors were Prof Ingrid Zukerman (Monash University) and Prof Liz Sonenberg (The University of Melbourne).

I am a member of the User Modeling and Natural Language Group (UMNL) chaired by Prof Ingrid Zukerman, which is affiliated with the Centre for Research in Intelligent Systems (CRIS). The UMNL group conducts research in the areas of user modelling and natural language processing, focusing on statistical and machine learning techniques.

Additionally, I was involved in the Kubadji Project. The project developed user modelling and language techniques to support the creation of personalised mobile technology for museums. Key processes under investigation were (1) the inference of a visitor's interests and activities from non-intrusive observations of his/her behaviour in the physical museum space, (2) the recommendation of items of interest, and (3) the personalisation of the content delivered for these items.

I was a member of the ARC Research Network in Human Communication Science (HCSNet), the ARC Research Network in Enterprise Information Structure (EII), and the EII Taskforce on Context-Aware Computing.

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