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Well – it's all over! Thanks to all the contributors and participants who attended to make the conference everything we hoped it would be. Discussions are underway to work out the shape and form of the next event – Second Iteration. At this stage we are planning the event for 2001. We welcome your suggestions, ideas, criticisms and offers of support. Please solicit these via e-mail. We will keep you informed at this web site.

Conference attendees should check out the updates section of the CD-ROM (go to the [CONFERENCE] bubble, then select "Updates" from the "Global (internet) links" column). The updates section contains some paper revisions plus some scoop pics from the conference and the dinner!

Limited copies of the proceedings (including Audio CD, CD-ROM and printed proceedings) are still available for purchase for those who missed the conference or attendees who would like to purchase additional copies for themselves or for their library/institution.




First Iteration was the first in a series of symposia for those interested in generative computational processes in the electronic arts. The first conference was held on 1 – 3 December 1999 at Monash University, Melbourne Australia.

The event intended to facilitate an environment conducive to discourse between artists and researchers across disciplines — to create a bridge between the "two cultures".

The conference included presentations that focus on technical and aesthetic ideas in electronic art, covering both theoretical and practical issues in visual art, music composition and sound synthesis.

In addition to papers, posters and workshops, the conference included an exhibition and series of performances by local and international artists.

The original web pages about the conference are now here.