Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Japanese-English Dictionary Server

Bookmark/Button Generator

This server generates bookmarks which can be placed on the Toolbar/Links bar of your browser and enable easy access to the WWWJDIC server. Once you have the bookmarks (which I call Buttons) installed, you simply have to highlight some word(s) and click on the button to look them up in the dictionary. These buttons are small Javascript programs, so you will need to have Javascript enabled.

The buttons have been successfully tested on Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, IE 5/6/7, Netscape 6/7, Opera 7 and Galeon.

The server generates 3 Buttons:

On my Firefox toolbar, I have the following:

I can use these buttons in two ways (under Linux - it may be different with Windows, etc.):

  1. highlight some text, then click on the button. The WWWJDIC lookup happens automatically;
  2. click on the button. A window will pop up into which you can type or paste text. Here is one from my Firefox:

Creating your Bookmarks/Buttons

You need to specify your browser/operating system (as the form and coding of the Javascript differs) and which WWWJDIC site you wish to use.
Specify Browser and Operating System:
Specify WWWJDIC Site

(*) The bookmark for Safari uses the Javascript "encodeURIComponent()" function, and may work for other modern browsers such as Firefox, Opera, etc. With this function you can put kanji/kana keys into the "English" button too (but not romaji.)


You may also be able to set up Opera to invoke WWWJDIC as a search engine.

Here are some notes for creating buttons for Konqueror.