WWWJDIC Konqueror Bookmarks

The following information has been provided by Torben Hansen:

I have been playing around with the Bookmark generator on the WWWJDIC
homepage. I found that to make it work in Konqueror you have to add the
buttons as Minitools.

- Make buttons for Firefox (May not be the correct one, but it works) - Right-click on the button link and select "Copy Link Address" - Under "Tools" menu select "Minitools" and "Edit Minitools" - In the new window select the "Bookmark" menu and the "New Bookmark" - Click on the new bookmark - Paste the Javascript code into the "Location" field - Write some meaningfull name in the "Name" field - Close the window

- To use the button, from "Tools" select "Minitools" and then the item called what ever you wrote in the "Name" field.

This may also work for Mac's Safari?

Thank you Torben.

Bryn Davies has just reported that this doesn't work with Safari.

Jim, Feb 2006