Kevin B. Korb

School of Information Technology       kbkorb (atsign)
Monash University phone: +61 (3) 9905-5198
Clayton, Victoria 3800 fax: +61 (3) 9905-5146

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Recent Publications:

Chapter 1 of Evolving Ethics: The New Science of Good and Evil (2010) Imprint Academic (S Mascaro, K Korb, A Nicholson, O Woodberry). This introduces our book, in which we present and defend the artificial life simulation of evolving utilitarian agents as a means of investigating ethical problems and issues in evolution theory.


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Recent presentations:

Two Technical Reports

Kevin B. Korb, Carlo Kopp and Lloyd Allison (1997) A Statement on Higher Education Policy in Australia. Dept Computer Science, Monash University, Melbourne, 1997. This is our submission to the West Higher Education Review Committee.

Kevin B. Korb (1998) Research Writing in Computer Science. This is an updated (1998) version of: Technical Report 97/308. Dept Computer Science, Monash University, Melbourne, 1997. This explains some of what goes into good research writing, including argument analysis and an understanding of cognitive errors that people are prone to make. It also discusses research ethics.

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