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Land Rover, Contributions and Usage

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Contributions are always welcome. I am particularly looking for pictures of old, unusual and converted Land-Rovers and of Land-Rovers doing unusual things or in unusual places. More technical information is also needed.

If you have a www page featuring Land-Rovers in some way, email me [] (--delete the obvious) and I will link to it. That way the pages really become more distributed and web-like. (Include your email address in the body of the message as some web browsers do not automatically send the correct return address.)

Pages can be on www (http) or ftp servers. You can also email contributions. Images can either be uuencoded or sent as media mail attachments. Gif, tiff, jpg (jpeg), pcx, ps (postscript) formats are known to be ok; please discuss other formats before sending.


Feel free to link to the L-R html pages; they are on a `stable' 24-hours per day server (unless disaster strikes:-). Please do not link to the images or animations - it is not polite! The following URLs are `stable':
They will not `go away' abruptly in the near future and I will try to leave a trail to the new location if they ever move.

The content of the pages may change. The images will be added to and they may move around. I keep a small random collection from the LRO emailing list and this collection may change at any time.


I try to use only a limited number of aspect ratios ie. 2:1 (e.g. 600x300), 3:2 (e.g. 360x240), 1:1, 2:3. If you want to submit an image, if in doubt, make it bigger rather than smaller. Jpeg (jpg) is by far the best format for colour photographs.


The following is not a formal legal opinion:

If you contribute your own information, think carefully about how you want it to be used; the InterNet is a very public place. The original author or photographer automatically owns the copyright on any material that she or he produces, but it would cost a lot of time and money to track violations down. Will you be annoyed if someone writes a commercial magazine article using your photos from the www without acknowledgement? It is up to you.

My own view is that personal, non-commercial uses of my own L-R files are allowed, provided that acknowledgement is given, and that no commercial use is allowed unless written permission is granted first. Commercial use is taken to include "free" promotional material for commercial organizations and events. Please do not use text extracts or images in your public Internet files and web pages, amateur or otherwise, unless you have asked permission of the copyright holder first; this is common courtesy.

You should ask the copyright holder before you copy any material out of a book, magazine, film, video, computer etc. - they might say yes! I sometimes stretch a point at old promotional material that is in very wide circulation, apparently without dispute, eg. it is in many ad's and club magazines. I cannot grant permission to use material that others have provided, it is not up to me to do that, you must ask the original copyright holder.

A suitable form of acknowledgement usually gives:
author's name, www URL and/or title of article as appropriate, author's address or business address or email address, date. The conditions of (further) use should also be included.

Copyright © L. Allison