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Prototypes and Might Have Been.

Numerous prototypes are built by Land-Rover as potential new models, as experiments and for government tenders. Many do not reach production. The prototypes are often broken up, but some have been saved by enthusiasts.

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Gun Tractor.

1960s: 3-litre, 6-cylinder, gun tractor (Bashall collection).

Coil-Sprung Prototypes.

1978 : (*) 100" prototype, coil-sprung, RR (4spd) running gear.

From: rc@fourfold.ocunix.on.ca (Robin Craig, 25/1/95):
Over a number of years, starting in approximately 1977 Land-Rover was experimenting with different wheel bases and spring configurations. They were based on a Range Rover chassis some of them and were intended for the Swiss or French military market, both of which were at the time known to be looking for a new utility vehicle. In the end both countries bought other products. A number of these vehicles were 100 inch wheel base. The project over time went through at least 70 experimental versions. Some of which ended up in the 110 development program.

Llama F.C.

(Il Llama est un quadrupedo - Monty Python.)

1986~: (*) F.C. prototype, called the Llama [- Craig Murray], 3.5L V8, 5-speed gearbox, coil-springs. The British Motor Industry Heritage Trust (BMIHT) holds three Llamas at its museum.

Does anyone have more information on this vehicle? There has always been a feeling that a good civilian FC 4WD should be possible - the S2A/B FC was not very successful and the military 101 FC was very basic.

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(*) The origin of these pictures is not known to me.

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