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Military Land-Rovers.

(*) A high proportion of more or less standard Land-Rovers are sold to the armed forces of many countries. Some models are also built specifically for the military although examples eventually find their way into private hands. This one is a S2A in Arctic camouflage. Note the army style tow-hitch on the front bumper, the over-rider front bumper, and the radio aerial on the drives's side.

The light-weight or `1/2 ton' is a SWB (S2A or S3) with a unique angular body, lightened for air-lifting. (It has something of a cult following.) The standard S3 LWB is also known as the `3/4 ton' but was often grossly overloaded beyond this limit, so a strengthened `1 ton' was created with heavy duty suspension and transmission.

The 101 FC was only ever produced for the army. It comes in a variety of forms - soft-top, van, communications, gun-tractor and ambulance - all of them very imposing. There is an optional powered trailer, making a 6x6 combination.

The Perentie was developed for the Australian army in 4x4 and 6x6 forms. The former is a somewhat modified 110. The latter is a new vehicle with Land-Rover running gear, several variants being made.

(*) Prototypes and small-run specials are sometimes made for one-off contracts. Specialist companies also carry out conversions of Land-Rovers, for example to make armoured cars. The one pictured is by Shorts of Belfast.

Some ex-military vehicles come with 24v electrical systems; electrical parts can then be expensive and hard to find. Some have heavy duty cooling systems. They might have travelled a low mileage and been well maintained, or have been dropped by parachute and abused by many novice drivers.

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(*) - photo Barry King, 1995.

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