Postdoctoral Fellow positions

We currently do not have any openings for postdoctoral positions. However, these positions may open in near future. Send an email to A/Prof Nikhil Medhekar with your CV if you are interested and would like to be in touch.

Ph D candidate positions

We have Ph D student positions available in the general area of Computational Materials Science. The materials of our interest are crucial for novel nanotechnology and energy applications. Current research topics being offered are multidisciplinary in nature, with underlying principles drawn from materials science, physics and chemistry. These topics also offer an excellent opportunity for close interactions with experimentalists and with our international collaborators. Please take a look at our recent publications to determine if you are interested in working in our group.

As an initial expression of interest, please send an email to A/Prof Nikhil Medhekar with your CV and a brief note explaining:

  1. 1.Why you are interested in pursuing PhD in our group,

  2. 2.If there are any research areas in our group that you are particularly excited about, and

  3. 3.If you have any relevant background or experience, or whether you are keen to learn something new.

More information regarding application requirements and procedures can be found at:

International PhD applicants should note that a minimum level of English Language Proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL) is essential in order to be considered for the PhD program. For minimum English language requirements and more information, visit

Computational Materials Lab

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