Nimrod Portal Manual

General Information

Introduction - General Information

This section covers some general information about the portal. Separate information to "Resource management" and "Performing an experiment".


This section has the following sections:

Logon The login screen.
Contents menu Description of the Contents menu.
Resource used graph A description of the graph at the top of the portal.
GridWorld plugin Information on how to use the GridWorld plugin.

The login screen

The Nimrod Portal offers a simple login interface. Please use your server's username and password to login.

Nimrod Portal

Please login:


The contents menu


Nimrod/G experimentgamess
Nimrod/O experimenttestO
Nimrod/G experimentEND
Nimrod/G experimenttestG
Nimrod/O experimentIFS

New experiment
Grid World
The contents menu is always available on the right side of the screen on any window. As it lists the options available to the user, it rarely changes. It contains shortcuts to all the common main menus including each of the user's experiments.

Experiments: displays the status of all experiments.
Experiment: these are listed in the experiments box. This option will go to the experiment status page.
New experiment: will go to the new experiment page.
Resource management: will go to the resource management page.
Administrative tools: is only available to "administrative" users. It allows administrators to become other users to help them.
Grid world: is an optional plugin that allows to user to set up a map displaying where their jobs are running. There can be multiple plugins in contents menu.
About: displays the Nimrod Portal version information.
Logout: will log out the session, including all windows based on that session.

The resource used graph


The resource used graph show the last 24 hours (most recent to the right) of the total number of concurrent CPUs used by all of the user's experiments. Samples are taken every 10 minutes and the value represents the peak number of concurrent active jobs.

The graph appears in the "Nimrod Portal" frame at the top and it is not visible if there has been no activity for the last 24 hours.

The GridWorld plugin


GridWorld allows users to put their resources on a world map. Unknown resources appear in the antarictic. Users can move the resource by draggin its location's name point to a new location. To mark the new location, hold the right mouse button over the new lable's position. Finallay, they can move the label to another location.