The "Seemann" Page

This page lists people who share my surname Seemann, and provides information and links about the name itself.


Andrew M. Seemann, Jr. Email USA Rolls-Royce enthusiast
Antje Seemann Web USA  
Bud D. Seemann No link Michigan, USA software engineer
Carl Seemann No link Deceased Pianist (see below)
Charles F. Seemann III Email New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Business attorney
Christian Seemann Email Santiago/Chile Civil Industrial Engineer
Claudia Antonia Seemann Calleja Email Mexico City Public accountant
Claudia Seemann Email Santiago/Chile Business Adm. Engineer
Deanna R. (Seemann) Bressie Email Austin, Texas, USA self-proclaimed computer geek, father has 10 Seemann brothers!
Dieter Seemann Email Berlin Ancestor of Rayon Militsch (Silesia/Germany)
Dirc Seemann Web   Actor
Dr Peter Seemann Email Chile Universidad Austral de Chile, Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias
Dr Ralph Seemann Web Germany Patent Attorney
Ellen Seemann Email Santiago/Chile Ass. School Manager
Erich Seemann Email Bratislava, Slovakia Plant mail-order company
Erik Seemann Email Netherlands EMEA Sales Manager MIRAI Products
Erwin Seemann Email Bremen, Germany Brother's name is Torsten :-)
Fritz Seemann Web   Cinematographer
Guenther Seemann Web Germany Gliding/soaring enthusiast
Henning Seemann Web Germany Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie
Henry Seemann Web   Actor
Horst Seemann Web   Composer
Howard L. Seemann Web Dept. Journalism, Humboldt State University  
Ilse Seemann Web   Actress
Jürgen Seemann Email Mecklenburg (see below)
J-M Seemann Web East of France (Ancestors came from Sweden during the 17th century) College Professor
Jackie McCarty (nee Seemann) Email USA Doing genealogy for grandfather Raymond Seemann from Monee
Jeffrey R Seemann Web USA Dept. Biochemistry, Stanford University
Jeffrey Seemann Web USA Dept. Physics, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Joachim Seemann Web 82110 Germering (bei München) Plays guitar in 70's rock cover band "Room Service"
Joachim Seemann Email 32657 Lemgo,Deutschland Toolmaker (werkzuegmacher)
John-Ethan C. Seemann No link Austin, Texas, USA lawn care specialist
Laurie Seemann Howell Email USA Ancestor Georg Seemann came from Hannover to USA in 1850s
Luke Seemann Web USA Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University
Luz Aguilar Seemann Email Mexico City International Business student at UNAM
Mark Seemann Web Denmark  
Martin Seemann No link Bratislava, Slovakia Helpdesk supervisor
Martina Seemann (maiden name) Email Ohio, USA Has uncle in Canada
Mette Seemann Email Sweden Brother of Michael Seemann
Michael Seemann Web Germany Institute of Automotive Engineering, Aachen University of Technology
Michael Seemann Email Sweden Journalist
Mikkel Seemann Email    
Olga Seemann Schor Email USA  
Peretz Manor (Seemann) Email Israel (Father born in Berlin 1923) Structured Inventive Thinking, Open University, at Moshav Shitufi, Regba
Pete Seemann Web Boise, Idaho, USA  
Peter Seemann Email Newmarket, Canada Pewter factory owner at
Robert Seemann Web USA  
Slavomir Seemann Email Slovakia  
Stephanie Seemann Email Dallas, Texas, USA  
Ton Seemann Web Netherlands Managing Director of Plan Plan Internet BV
Torsten Seemann Email Denmark  
Torsten Seemann Email Denmark  
Torsten Seemann Web Melbourne, Australia Victorian Bioinformatics Consortium
Wolfgang M. Seemann Web   Journalism and Jazz
Wolfgang Seemann Email   Satellite and telecommunication business


Some of the information on this page was originally obtained using WWW search engines. The rest has been emailed to me by people who have found this page. If you would like to be added to the list, feel free to mail me a short email message with your details.

Origin of the name

The surname is of Germanic origin. In modern German it means "navigator", "sailor", or "seaman". The surname is really made up of two words, "See" and "Mann". In German, See means "lake" or "sea", or as a prefix, "naval", and Mann simply means "man".

Jürgen Seemann says: Based on my own research about my family I've been sure, that the surname "Seemann" had nothing connection to the word "sea" or "lake". Original was the surname write "Saemann" meaning a "farmer who sowed seed". Our Ancestors were all farmers. Since ca. 1500 had changed the spelling to "Seemann". Still today exists in Germany and Austria many families with the surname "Saemann". Something about my researches: the first ancestors of my familiy lived in Lübeck in the end of the 16. century. in the middle of the 18. century became my ancestor preacher at the "Münster"-church in Doberan. Since then my familiy lived in Mecklenburg.

Seemann Facts