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- Research
* Tutorial: all clear. Oracle account created. 
- xquery / xlst 
- think about trying Oracle
- any questions on forum on "Assignments?"
- answer Rezak 

* research
- check UMLS / glossary concept: Done (got a license, but resort to using BCKO's knowledge source. Need to check those). 
- think about evaluation: read the paper's chapter (survey / log analysis. Read; however seems to be a generic survey method chapter. Any specific example on logs?)
- some deployment for log viewer tool: DONE!! (notes are saved in draft). Some server scripts yet to be improved.
+ step 1: local envi
+ step 2: deploy
- planning on "unfinished prototype" check mail (not yet)
* All ideas about implementation / prototype seems clear (except evaluation!).
** now need to focus on resaerch agenda, set the straight path and just follow
** read design science paper by GIST / Arnott as well?
** read ONTOLOGER paper carefully (DONE - mostly are not metrics, but are "formula" to prioritise queries. What can be learnt? 
** starting from Julie's research loop, work out what is "checked", what is "missing" (DONE)

* Consolidate unfinished sys dev
- prototype
- logviewer
- change URL / aliases
- web interface work w/ Tao
- Sys Dev wishlist (merge in notepad with things such as graphical charts)

* Incorporate into notes why sip stands out
** the inevitable integration of domain expert role (compared to unmanned web search engine)
** the integration with local knowledge source (MESH for NLP?)
** the user-sensitive approach
** the viable use of smart "features": managable
** usage-driven appproach for improving HIPs also differ in terms of:
*** integration with the workflow of the d.e.
*** make use of local knowledge
*** provide insights the way users use with a focus on adapting it to all kinds of users (not treating all "users" as the same)
*** making it viable and extends its longevity by making the usage-driven maintenance managable and scalable for D.E. (unlike in web search engines, most data are large scale thus
most utilisation of usage data actually becomes automatically generated for end users use only)
*** combine the data from users; the workflow of domain experts; the external knowledge sources (an ontology) to address specific problems.
** the methodology / solution concepts we provide can be extended well onto other domains: the approach of brining the users; the information manager; the
wisdome from the usage that makes sense of the data

** in recent years, domain-specific mechanism for info management / info saerching have gained attention, given that general approaches failed to address adequately.

* Tutoring
** Old tutes (DONE)
** Discuss Oracle tutorial, account, try out next tute (DONE)
** marking (think about criteria). Go through marking with Mark on Fri. 

* Sys Dev
** Consolidate (- prototype- integratoin - interface - set up environment)
** Ask Frada, Tao to get started (DONE)


* back from AMCIS debriefing: see debriefing notes
* finalise scripts to run experiment (only java compiling / running left)
* udpate Frada/Julie on sys dev (syd dev claim as well)
* update website / important if you got connection now
* write thesis / update supervisor about that as well
* find papers to be the foundation / methodological grounds for your experiments (see some other papers how they did that)
* check back TODO-list and add to this list
* Jan-present: Am preparing fro AMCIS paper
* on leave 25 Jan - 20 Feb
* preparing outline and general structure of thesis
* AMCIS paper to finish
* Frada's BCKO demographics data (look at old data as well. Reports??)
* Tutor teaching: registration, preparation
* Plan for research agenda next sem (which systems to produce, how to conduct evaluation, an outline for the thesis)
* Ethics Clearance: done (got it - only for user survey)
* Prepare instruments for user survey and discuss when sups are back
* Sys Dev: laid out the foundation for Smart Usage Analysis (FINISH!) - prepare for a demo in July/August
* Prepare Review Report
* Conference trip:
- AIS Registration (done - TODO: claim with Akamon)
- book hotel / transfers
- check out other papers in the track / workshops
- important: prepare slides!!

* User survey / evaluation
- list about some people that you can invite for the survey
- do at least a pilot study
- come up with 3 search scenarios for: Lack of Content / difficulty with user terms(strategies) / indexing issues AND/OR diveristy issues)
- prepare at least 1 example before discussing the evaluation.

* Mid year revivew
* finished and presented prototype layout
* Brainstorming work to be continue. Need to get the concept right
- what is smart learning from usage data?
- what is the key functionality to support it
- how to evaluate it
* Evaluation plan: 2 plans; one is user evaluation!
** Get to prepare ethics clearance (prepare list of questionaires?)

* Think about slides for AMCIS

* Sys Dev: continued on prototype
* Revamp the survey instrument 
- some lit review on think aloud
- protocol designs
- list of scenarios
- questionnaire

* BCKO sys dev (done)
* syd dev meeting
* finalise on chapter Usage data
* outline the chapter change (first 2 chapters)
* split each chapter into a document
* Ethics: DONE
* revisit survey questionnaire
* help Hamid's conference
* Research
- done with writing first 2 chaps - sent out to supervisors
( need to work on the glossary? some bugs)
- need to "finalise" the instruments used for the interview (find supporting refs as well!)

* Misc
- hamid's meeting

* BCKO sys dev
- consolidate the source code, upload to bcko server, investigated integraton (notes in word/email)
* bcko3 work
- next: incorprate Julie's text, fix About us text
- send "environment description" -> Frada, prepare migration

* research
- Need to ask Gerrie for next user, as well as wait for Julie's subject. Need 1 more subject
- target next chapter ("Conceptual framework" - talk about Taxonomy and literature analysis- 
- log analysis automated runs (produced # search outcomes)
- incorporate Julie's suggestion on research method chapter
- DONE got a plan until end July

* journal paper writing
- finished with plan to upgrade paper. Target internet research
- data 2 b consolidated
*bcko work
- all bcko3 fixes done (emailed)
- fix delete button cms

* Resaerch work
- start budding writing with Adel (100words/day first)
- finished 1st user study with Rosetta + transcript + log extraction
- transcribed Frada's transcript
- changes to the instrument: demographics + user issues 
* bcko work
- incorporate changes (has a compilation folder)
- see if you can effect (publish) the change. Tomcat manager publish? 
- tried to put generated topics into a webpage / interface first. Try to incorporate into bcko3 later
- email frada/ rosetta regarding the changes?

* research thesis work
- research method chapter writing
- 2 pages for journal extension
- finalise user survey instruments: wordings / format / make it "final"
- plan to set up to have a mock-up example with frada if possible

* others
- writing diary!
- try some brainstorm session
- keep refining the "Feb plan"
- outing trip
* research / work
BCKO simple edits
BCKO deployed: tried
BCKO work: tried generate different keywords / topics
try generating data: DONE
finalise ethics questionnnaire (after last meeting w Julie)
catch up with Rudy, had some planned on theoretical foundation / theoretical testing

* Errands
citylink reactivate change addr (done_
pay traffict infringment not yet, deferred till March (on calendar)
optus bill / transfer done
mv house: i/p
budget direct: done, paid
* back from leave, paperwork with MRGS to resume
* housework
* Brief meet up with Frada, talked about user survey, recruitment, clarify on the objectives of the think-aloud study
* Touch up the lit review of Think-aloud methods
* research
- chapter 6 (think-aloud): done, sent for reviewing
- draft from paper: revision 5.0
- paperwork for MRGS extension done

* sys dev
- create "back up" archive (all the logs?)
- tracking Jared on logs/ bcko2 set up
- plan to work on the topic search interface?
* have a "snapshot" final version of the paper. 
- check Communication of the AIS papers
- revise lit reviews (many refs? a good lit review for you to start (note Phd Thesis))
- done a list on updating news paper

1. read through the results section. (DONE)
2. read through the conclusion (DONE)
3. find tools to compare similarity with amcis paper?  (DONE)
4. Change the "similarity" of usage data analysis tools (DON4. 
5. Reformat 2 tables, as well as the tables reporting the percentage (adding the labels)
6. Check all formats carefully (footnotes? spell checks? BUGs? "Usage problems?" Format
in the tables; Handle the "track changes" (accepting misc text changes)

* food for thought
- andrew Ng machine learning
- analytics (top books? prediction on trends/usage?) 
- cloud computing 
- stock

* need to clear a bunch of "backlogs" research things:
- chapter 4 (on the taxonomy) - finish them up! discuss on each individual issue (the concept). Have a conclusion (a bird eye view - reading a good summary from others alway help)
- chapter 6 - must clear the "BUGs"
- go back to Methodology chapter - what else need to delegate "back" to this chapter? add book-mark
- fix the refs in chapter 6
- changing the name in chapter 6
- install NVIVO officially
- changing the naming of the issues to be consistent (in CHapter 4/ chapter 6. see the tables?)
- table summarising the years of experience using health portal
- see what else on the descriptive statistics can u include for chapter 5? 
- check health IR books on William hersh: any thoughts? 

* errands
- Asad web
- tax filing 
- (done) commonbank kaching
(continued on the backlogs)
- done chapter 4
- done with finalising and re-checked all the data in Nvivo. Good tool
- done some visio diagramming
- working very fast on chapter 6 (think-aloud) - almost finish the data
- done another draft of journal paper - got 1 more round of feedback from Julie:
- next targets: finish chapter 6 and got a structure for chapter 5 - need to quickly put stuff in there

* bcko3
- done with the launch! (still requests for the logging, and for putting up bcko2)
- passed all the stuff to Daswin
TODO: fix so that it is also compatible for IE (or noted down - compiled a list for the user evaluation) (and how about deploying the tool bugherd?)

* some misc
- finalise some markings. 
- tutor registration for next sems: done
* research
- almost done chapter 4 (taxonomy - conceptual framework)
- journal paper writing: finished the "case study", restructuring of the paper, discussion, abstract, revamp the format/figures
- completed a summarisation of the "Think-aloud findings"

* bcko work
- DONE topic search and many changes on quality report, work with Daswin, some interface changes, interface
- migration work: done the back up

* teaching: 
- finish the semester, all markings!
- registered for next sem?
* bcko work
- continue on "topic search" getting user data
- pick on 1 interface?

* research
- monthly plan (tackling "Reserach methodology") DONE as of end of March
- continued with user study (get new recorders) DONE 2 studiies, all transcribed
- do "log extraction" with # of search results
- get more DS thesis
* research
- DONE finished all 5 interviews; need to tabulate findings (transcripts done for 4!)
- journal paper writing: done first draft, need to put in formatting!
- catch up with July's plan (prioritise many things!)

* bcko work
- concentrate to finish at least "basic" version of topic search
- fix "Errror" messages
- include "meeting" logs 2nd time with Daswin (the one with the plan?) - email Rosetta, set up meeting with Sue, Evans etc as well
Chapter 7 work:
- fill the content of each with very "brief" discussion, but enough to form the backbone of it. Then identify "the "TODO" (also, revisit the "TODO for the prototype?")
- specific lists todo: (Thurs)

* Left over
- Finish "Design principles" (done)
- Draw all diagrams in this chapter (flow of applications; Better Efficiency diagrams)

* Tues
- develop "Evaluation framework" (Table) with reference (halfway done)
- Diagrams Flow of research 

* Wednesday:
- Finish "Evaluation" framework
- Add 2 more refs of "usage driven approaches"
- Draw diagram flows of research
- add good ideas for research --- DONE in research notes
- check notepad? 
- determine what else to write for "Evaluation?" 

- check what is needed for Seminar submission 
- health check

* Errands
- Viranga 10000  steps rego done
- Friday
* Meeting with Campbell for chapter 5. The following needs to be done
- Strengthen discussion on "Diversity issue (2 types of issues)", "indexing issues", "information overload - (also need diversity to deal with that - some example with health like "breast reconstruction"" (too much information is being returned - needs to cite someone in health IR), "precision/recall"
in health IR 
- discuss how the " indexing" is done (It is done semi-automatically; a  content may not be indexied with all the keywords, but the saerch keywords is expanded with synonyms;
for the metadata, the assignment is done by domain experts. If a user tries for options A & B and dind't find it, but if they use C they would find it, now would the resource
should be tagged for A & B as well? these things might need to concern a domain experts)

TODO for chapter 5, 6 before moving on

- Fix Campbell's feedbacks for Chapter "Usage data analysis"
a. Diversity in sarch results in "Information overload"
b. Get 1 example in usage data coding. Remove 1 section of "Objectives of usage data coding" 
c. Indexing issues 
d. Fixing Frada's list of issues in U1, U2 etc

- Fix Julie's naming issues, as well as the profile/age of each participant in "THink-aloud" What else? 
a. create anotehr version of the file
b. Getting the age profile of users
c. Add "professional nurse with domain knowledge"  

Chapter 7 work:
- an outline of the chapter
- fill the content of each with very "brief" discussion, but enough to form the backbone of it. Then identify "the "TODO" (also, revisit the "TODO for the prototype?")
- specific lists todo: (Thurs)

++ Evaluation: what to put in? 
++ read through "Objectives" 
++ Finish "Design principles" 
++ Strategy framework: add in
++ Find the word for " Instantion artifact"
++ Draw all diagrams 

Overall Diagrams
- research diagram
- checking if anydiagram u produced in: ACIS conference? Mid year candidature review? Proposal? (Done but none as comprehensive as the one just produced; due to lack of recent developments ("Think-aloud") 
- finih lists on chapter 7

This Research Log aims to organize and index the all the research logs and materials. More importantly, it is group into 3 main categories (Click! to see. It can also be accessed from the Left Menu)

* <<tag Readings>>  for a compiled list of papers with a brief summarisation and comments, to facilitate Literature study
* <<tag Logs>>  to record and monitor the research progress
* <<tag Meetings>> for Meeting Minutes (fortnightly)
It is designed to facilitate progress-tracking, and for easy knowledge retrieval at a later stage.

!About the Author and work

Bang V. Nguyen is a PhD student at Monash University, advised by [[Prof. Frada Burstein| http://www.sims.monash.edu.au/staff/fb/]] and [[Prof. Julie Fisher|http://www.sims.monash.edu.au/staff/jfisher/]].
His current endeavour is on Informational Support in Health Informatics
He goes with his first name 'Bang' (pronounced like Baang, although mispronunciation is just fine to me.

!!This gadget:
The idea was actually mirrored from the logging style at [[Prof Kan Min Yen's webpage| http://www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~kanmy]]. It is powered by [[TiddlyWiki | http://www.tiddlywiki.com]]
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* go through some bugs in think-aloud, notably:
- find better refs
- explain the need to "intervention" during interview
- change one scenarios. On the side effect of Taxotere -> change to one of the "open choices"

* Some thinking Frada suggested when writing up
- the process of observation - improvement - evaluation: note on longitudinal process and informal vs. formal observation (based on a long-term engagement
with the systems -> is also part of the research progress)
- how much data is enough for evaluation? Can justify: quatitative data (log data, use for exploratory purpose) and qualitative evaluation (use for in-depth evaluation)

* Some discussion on writing up journal paper:
- communications of the AIS Journal
- Internet resaerch 
- ideas: talk about the benefits of usage data; or the use of systems-specific measure to address the identified issues. 
* short chat w/ Frada on prospect of BCKO3
- use most popular keywords from domain experts as topics most important to them
- use most used keywords as most important to users
- generate dynamically a range of "topics"

* ideas is to balance between what is deemed most "important" to users and let users have the freedom to choose
* use static HTML
* Go through the "cycle" of research. Some notes:
** continue to refine and let it evolve
** Description of each box: take care about the label, the details vs high-level
** Scope (IR / not IR?)
** Conceptualisation

* With respects to John Venable's model
** take care about "theorising" the resaerch"
** read Frada's model abotu "Resaerch students academics and professional 

* Intervention --> design or "identify"

* Improvement: "Process" or "Outcomes"
* confirmatory
* some readings: 
** journal of DSS in David Arnott
** Sean Maynard 's chapter in "DSS in the new milenium"

* some discussion about possibility of UMLS
- accessibility
- might consider BCKO own knowledge base (3 glossary?)

* Graphical interface might be good (for indexing issue utility?)

* Scope / limitation
in the thesis we might argue the "scope" vs "limitation". Scope may refer to the "conscious choice" of the resaerch boundary.
In the data collection (Ip address..) we may assume that due to the "high penetration of the internet", most users of the system are home users and therefore the IP address should reflect the "real users" (as opposed to bots / spam / 

* Data preparatoin
- use alias instead of IP

* Is "in" or "out" a fuzzy concept? A fall-back mechanism?

* Context / data

* Some other ideas
- VIP users
- serious vs non-serious users
- prioritization rule (list of heuristics)
* some questions / thinking about the prototype
- indexing issues?
- how to evaluate it?
- what key criteria that it can boast?
* deciding on merging 2 chapters
* send Campbell usage data chapter to proofread when done
* finalise Ethics (done!) discuss with both Julie and Frada when survey is done
Few things / conventions to note and agreed on (w Julie / Campbell)

* The final # of chapters depend on the "core concepts" being discussed: (could be 1 chapter for HIP and 1 chapter for usage data)
* Some misc
- underline not necessary for glossary
- the text in between the chapter opening and 1st paragraph might be" This sections describes ...."
- font: times roman

* Header styles
* Table to summarise the main points. The surrounding text might contain the description
* The difference between usage analysis (in the resaerch method) vs usage analysis in the lit review:
- in the lit review: show what it is / why need to do that / how / what can be done
- in the method: why usage analysis is valid in the context of understnading issues of health portals
Continuation of bcko3
* bckonline back-end access
* prepare new todo table
   **update topic search
  ** faceted search
  ** column show the date (timeline)
  ** survey in BCKOnline (in the database?)
* banner for redirection of bckonline
* log data (BCKO3)
* email Rosetta on "unpublished content" (DONE)
* another table: back up plan for BCKO2
* Email Grace (done)
* look at Google anlaytics
* send out docs with timeline (by the end of the week)
* discuss the extension of journal paper (Julie suggested meeting with Rudy)
* discuss the survey instruments (Julie did change some of the wording)
* some suggestions
some other notes by Frada 
- Use of radio button: revert to BCKO2
- Site summary not removed
- Stock photo: get a new one from infotech

- gray/white alternating
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