Research Interests

My current research examines usage issues in the context of health portals through the means of usage data analysis. Unlike the web, health portals have some unique problems arising from the stringent control of information resources, the intrinsic problems of online health information, coupled with the complex tasks of health search and the deficiencies of consumer search skills.

The first phase of the research identifies a basic taxonomy of usage issues, empirically tested through usage data, which are important to health portals. The taxonomy can be to used to guide problem-solving approaches to improve HIPs. In the second phase, one particular focus is on the utility of usage analysis and usage-driven approaches in sustaining health portals. We demonstrate the implementation of usage-driven portals design, combining usage data analytics and dashboard technologies to provide data-driven decision making for portals.

As a design-science research, I also implemented different back-end and front-end Web application components to showcase the concepts. The implementations have also been successfully deployed to real-world portals.

My public weekly research log (2011). Archive: 2009-2010.

Some of my past research (and of interests!):


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My professional CV (mixed with academic experiences). Updated August 2009.