Monash University

User Web Pages

This is the web server for Monash University users. All web pages will have a URL in the form:

Policies and Guidelines for Authors

Use of Monash University's IT facilities is governed by the policy for Acceptable Use of IT Facilities by Students and the IT Use Policy for staff and other authorised users.

For detailed policy on web pages, refer to Information Technology Use Policy - Staff & Other Authorised Users.

Content which interferes with the performance of the service, causes loss of data or service, attempts to damage hardware or software, manipulate or damage files belonging to another user, or to circumvent system security, will be removed. Usage is monitored (Monash only); SSL (Monash only).

Caution: Unauthorized or improper use of this service may result in administrative disciplinary action and civil and criminal penalties. Use of this service constitutes consent to security monitoring and testing.

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