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Digital Entertainment Technologies and Arts track (DETA) @ GECCO 2013

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Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference

July 6-10, 2013
The Netherlands

Track Chairs

Alan Dorin - Monash University

Taras Kowaliw - ISC-PIF, CNRS

Organized by ACM SIGEVO


The arts, music, and games are key application fields for computational intelligence, evolutionary computation, and related techniques. This track explicitly focusses on these areas, strengthening a domain of high scientific, commercial, and cultural relevance. We invite submissions describing original work involving the use of computational intelligence in the creative arts, including design, games, and music. Works of a methodological, experimental, or theoretical nature will be considered.

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Important dates

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January 31, 2013

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GECCO-2013 conference:

January 23, 2013

April 17, 2013

July 06-10, 2013


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to...

Aesthetic measurement / control

  • machine learning for predicting or controlling aesthetic preference
  • aesthetic measures for sound, photos, textures
  • non-realistic rendering, animations
  • content-based similarity or recommendation
  • user modelling

Biologically-inspired creativity

  • evolutionary arts and evolutionary algorithms for creative applications
  • interactive evolutionary algorithms
  • creative virtual ecosystems
  • artificial creative agents
  • definition or classification of creativity

Interactive environments and games

  • virtual worlds
  • reactive worlds and immersive environments
  • automated content generation
  • game AI
  • intelligent interactive narratives
  • learning and adaptation in games
  • player satisfaction

Composition, synthesis, generative arts

  • visual art, architecture and design
  • creative writing
  • cinema music composition and sound synthesis
  • generative art
  • synthesis of textures, images, animations
  • generation or learning of environmental responses
  • stylistic recognition and classification

Analysis of computational intelligence techniques for games, music and the arts