Australasian Computer Music Conference, August 2000

Boolean Networks for the Generation of Rhythmic Structure


Alan Dorin

Centre for Electronic Media Art
School of Computer Science & Software Engineering
Monash University, Melbourne, Australia


  • Motivation

  • Previous methods & music

  • Boolean networks

  • The Boolean Sequencer
  • The Boolean Sequencer U.I.

  • Examples, comments etc.

  • Conclusions & future work


Motivation (personal)

Previous music

Previous methods

Two CA's, Wolfram '84

Liquiprism, Dorin '99

Turbulence (detail), McCormack '94*

Boolean networks

Example Boolean network


The Boolean sequencer


animate notes

The Boolean sequencer user interface




Screen dump


Examples, comments etc.

Future work and conclusions

©Copyright Alan Dorin/Animaland 2000
(*Turbulence image © Copyright Jon McCormack 1994-2000)