APOIDEA Adventures of an inter-galactic fleet

...computer animation by Alan Dorin

Apoidea is the name given to the social wasps & bees. This exciting tale of adventure begins on the surface of a watery planet. Once every millenium the blue orb's water plant-life bursts into bloom beneath a glaring sun. Briefly, giant flowers stretch across the surface of the endless calm sea. Of course the insects are ready for their once in a lifetime chance!

Not everything is as it should be on this strange world. You'll have to see the film to find out more.

Preliminary sketches made for this film are online.
This piece was a bit of an experiment and is nothing like my other work. So far this is one of only two attempts I've made at even a simple narrative style - something I'm not really interested in exploring at the moment. The other narrative piece is Icarus.

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