Hydroid Medusae
...an animation by Alan Dorin / ANIMALAND

Hydroid Medusae is a short animation (02 min 06 sec) examining an artificial invertebrate from the inside. The reproductive cycle of the organism is fictitious but is based on the reproductive cycles of similar lifeforms.

The biological Medusae (and its mythical snake-haired counterpart) live in worlds which we are unable to observe with our unaltered senses. Such strange and wonderful things occur all around us without us being aware of them. The Hydroid Medusae exists in its own little world and carries on its daily life as oblivious of us as we are of it. It is only with the help of a microscope (or at least a magnifying glass) that we are able to observe its behaviour in detail.


The similarity between the world under the microscope and the world inside the virtual space is quite fascinating... both spaces require us to use objects which we manipulate outside of our bodies in order for us to observe them.


This animation was produced using modelling and animation software written especially for the purpose. All models were created using the Animaland 'Bauhaus' evolutionary modeller. Models are bred using artificial evolution until a successful structure appears. The models' movement patterns evolve in concert with their topology... the wonders of virtual / artificial life.

Once evolved, the models were placed in a simulated fluid medium and manipulated by altering the flow patterns in the fluid. This particle system and fluid simulation software is nicknamed 'Breeze'.

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