GestureLab is an environment for developing gesture recognisers. The gestures may be anything that can be drawn with a electronic pen & tablet (such as one made by Wacom) or a generic mouse*.
Key features
  1. Plug-in architecture for recognisers and features extractors.
  2. Recognisers and feature extractors may be written in either C++ or Java.
  3. Mathematica may be used for writing recognisers via the Java binding.
  4. Uses SQL, where servers from multiple vendors may be used. SQLite may be used for local databases.
  5. Licensed under the open-source GPL.
The application consists of 5 main components:
  1. Gesture Browser
    Allows you to create, share and organise gestures.
  2. Recogniser Browser & Training Assistant
    Used to manage recognisers and train new ones.
  3. Test Pad
    Allows you to test trained recognisers instantly on gestures, as they’re drawn.
  4. Experiment Browser & Assistant
    Used to manage experiments and perform new ones. Experiments involve automating the testing process  of a set of trained recognisers on a set of gestures.
  5. SQL Browser
    Provides full table browsing and query access to the SQL database. Also offers for import & export.
* Mice may be used, however they can be difficult to control accurately.
System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.4 or higher