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Spider painting a web

The web design algorithm...

  1. Plan
  2. Plan
  3. Plan
  4. Plan
  5. Plan
  6. Plan
  7. Plan
  8. Execute
  9. Test
  10. Goto step 1

...an infinite loop!


Q: What is good design?

A: It depends on the goal! A goal must be set before all else!

A well designed artefact elegantly satisfies the needs of its user... this is user-centred design.


User centred design applies to all aspects of presenting information.

Hippy in a Ferrari

eg. VW and Ferrari design excellent cars but neither would satisfy the design brief of the other!

A Combi-wagon would not be a good racing car, nor would a Ferrari be of much use as transport for a hippy commune!


A Sample Web Site Design Brief

Identify (for the site) the

Additional Things To Consider (to please me)

Common Site Elements

Information Architecture

sample branching diagram

Will you employ a hierarchy, linear sequence, a grid or a combination of structures?

Refer to the lecture on Information Architecture for details.

Page Architecture

....only now is it time to sit down and enter HTML!

A Vital Note On Copyright

You Have Been Warned!

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