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Opens: Mon April 2 ~09:00:00 2006
Closes: Thu April 5 23:59:59 2006


* Submission dates and times are monitored by the web-server's clock here in Melbourne, Australia (not the clock on your local computer). Malaysian students, please get in early to make allowances for this!


Penalty=10% of your assignment mark from the late
submission time onwards, and a further 10% for
each extra 24 hours.

Opens: Fri April 6 00:00:00 2006
Closes: Thu April 12 23:00:00 2006 (11pm sharp)


All CSE2325/3325 students must complete this peer-assessment task.

Please read and follow these instructions carefully.

  1. Please allow at least two hours to complete this task properly.
  2. Once you click BEGIN below, you must complete the task by clicking SUBMIT on the form which appears.
  3. You will not be able to re-submit or change data after submission.

  4. Submissions will be recorded along with the current AUTHCATE username. Please make sure this is you or somebody else may receive credit for your work. (Quit your browser and re-login if you are not certain)
  5. Please make sure you are running the Firefox web browser (not Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) as required.

  6. Submissions may be recalled by the lecturer.
  7. Satisfactory completion of this task is a hurdle requirement for the course.

When you are ready you may BEGIN.

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