Faculty of Information Technology



CSE2325/3325: Multimedia Programming and the World Wide Web


Instructions to Candidates:

PART A: Multiple Choice [30 marks, 30 questions]
Answer every question in this section by selecting the ONE best answer to each question.

1. Which of the following are traditional media for conveying a message?

a) poetry
b) sculpture
c) textiles
d) only a and b
e) a, b and c

2. ELIZA is the name of which of the following?

a) An interactive video game
b) A generator of synthetic conversation
c) A sound file format
d) None of the above

3. SMTP is a protocol for which of the following?

a) Sending email
b) Bulletin boards and news posting
c) Remote login
d) Remote file transfer

4. Which of the following HTML tags is missing an important attribute?

a) <img src="", width=20, height=20 / >
b) <form action="/cgi-bin/" >
c) <a href="" >
d) b and c
e) a and b

5. Which of the following contains an 'anchor' tag?

a) The <a href="">Monash University</a>
b) Uneconomically viable <a name="classics">Classics Department</a>
c) <a href="">axe.GIF</a>
d) All of the above

6. The <input> tag is used for

a) Forms
b) JavaScript
c) CGI scripts
d) All of the above

7. Which of the following would probably NOT appear in a web site design brief?

a) Monitor size of target audience
b) Source of site content
c) Competing site information
d) Site navigation system
e) None of above

8. Pixellated images will result from:

a) Over-enlarging a vector image
b) Rotating the contents of a vector image
c) Using large black text on a white background
d) Doubling the dimensions of a bitmap image

9. Which of the following is true of JPEG images?

a) They can hold more colours than GIF images
b) They support background transparency
c) They are not supported by Netscape or Micro$oft browsers
d) They are suitable for black and white line drawings

10. Which of the following provides the most readable browser window?

a) <BODY bgColor="#ff00ff" text="#00ff00" link="#0000ff">
b) <BODY bgColor="#cccccc" text="#000000" link="#000066">
c) <BODY bgColor="#000000" text="#006600" link="#000033">
d) <BODY bgColor="#ffffff" text="#00ff00" link="#0000ff">

11. A perfect mirror

a) absorbs light
b) refracts light
c) transmits light
d) none of the above

12. A traditional colour wheel shows

a) secondary colours lying between primary colours
b) tertiary colours lying between primary colours
c) intermediate colours lying between primary colours
d) all of the above

13. An additive colour wheel shows blue opposite

a) cyan
b) red
c) purple
d) green
e) yellow

14. The heading of an invitation to a techno dance club would be most likely
written in a font from which family?

a) Serif
b) Modern
c) Decorative
d) Slab Serif

15. If a typeface is said to be 'Roman', this means it

a) is a member of the Serif family
b) is a condensed typeface
c) is of standard weight
d) slants rigidly to the right

16. What is kerning?

a) The amount of space between all characters in a typeface
b) The distance between lines of text
c) The width of characters in a typeface
d) None of the above

17. Which of the following is most likely to be a variable choice set?

a) Commands
b) Object instances
c) Attribute classes
d) Object Classes

18. A relative locator device may have a variable C/D ratio based on

a) the velocity of movement
b) the monitor resolution
c) the current interaction task
d) all of the above

19. A Zoetrope is an animation

a) playback device
b) storage device
c) camera
d) both a and b

20. The audible frequency range for humans is approximately

a) 2Hz to 2kHz
b) 20Hz to 20kHz
c) 200Hz to 200kHz
d) 2000Hz to 2000kHz

21. Which of the following sounds will be most accurately recorded at a sampling
rate of 11.025khz?

a) thunder rumble
b) human voice
c) bird whistle
d) cat meow

22. Which of the following is not a JavaScript string?

a) "string"
b) 'str' + "ing"
c) "s" + "tring"
d) none of the above

23. The process of creating computer animation by specifying a number of model
poses and allowing the computer to interpolate these poses to produce smooth
movement is called

a) stop motion animation
b) keyframing
c) rotoscoping
d) rendering

24. Which of the following is true of a VRML animation?

a) It must be downloaded frame by frame from the server
b) It is impossible to navigate fully behind VRML objects
c) It requires a panoramic image of an environment
d) It runs on the client side

25. The METHOD attribute of a form to be sent to a CGI script may
have which of the following values?

c) GET

26. In user-centered design, constraints:

a) Hold the user back from achieving their potential
b) Specify relationships between things (e.g. steering wheel on a car)
c) Highlight functional differences between different modes of operation
d) Limit the ways in which functionality can be interpreted

27. In a standard bank Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) the user-interface is:

a) a task-oriented user interface
b) a metaphor-driven user interface
c) an audience-specific user interface
d) a topical user interface

28. An on-line shopping catalogue, with one item entry per page and about 50 items in total, would be best represented by which of the following organisational structures?

a) Grid based
b) Broad-style hierarchy
c) Deep-style hierarchy
d) Wheel

29. A good source for labelling systems to be used in a new web site would be:

a) Labels from other similar web sites
b) The Dictionary
c) An Atlas
d) Staff from the company that the site is about
e) All of the above

30. Charlie wants to count the number of times people are accessing her home page on the WWW. The best way to do this would be:

a) Getting the user to click on a "count" button which calls a script that adds 1 to the user count
b) using a CGI script that is called each time the page is loaded
c) Using a GIF image embedded in the page that displays numbers
d) Using a JavaScript variable that is incremented using the onLoad() event
e) Any of the above

PART B: Fill in the blanks
Answer every question in this section by filling in the blank space in the sentence (1 mark allocated per blank correctly filled).

  1. An _______________ information organization scheme is one in which a particular item may potentially be categorized in different locations.

  2. To make an element of a picture move forward in a composition, one should colour it using a warm _______________. (This being the characteristic of a colour which gives it its name.)

  3. The _______________ colour wheel shows cyan as one of its secondary colours. _______________ and _______________ are the other secondary colours for this colour system.

  4. A _______________ image consists or a grid of coloured dots called _______________.

  5. If an image in GIF format is saved using image _______________ it will be displayed in a web browser in a series of progressively refined bands.

  6. To specify an in-line image using an HTML tag one could write <_______________ _______________ = "jerry.JPEG" _______________ = "A picture of Jerry" >

  7. By assigning a data member of a class in a JavaScript program to a _______________, one defines a method for the class of objects to which the data member belongs.

  8. _______________, is a tool developed at University of Minnesota for setting up information rich resources behind a menu-driven interface. Its servers incorporate text and graphics, file transfer using FTP, links to remote services via Telnet, and other servers of its own kind.

  9. If a door has been designed with no handle for grasping, and therefore cannot be pulled open, its designer has imposed _______________ which prevent users from misinterpreting the method for opening the door.

  10. In designing a tool, particularly software, it is possible to utilize a _______________ to encourage users to bring knowledge from an external domain to the new tool. For example, one might lay out the tools for interaction with a computer operating system in the manner of a desk top and office.

  11. The number of operations on a standard, non-programmable, scientific calculator forms a _______________ - _______________ choice set. These operations may each be assigned a button on the panel of the calculator.

  12. If a user knows the name of an object within a choice set. The implementation of "naming" with _______________ can speed the selection of objects from the set over the process of selection using naming implemented without this feature.

  13. The following Perl code will run through each cell in the array myArray and place it in a variable myValue. It will then print this value to standard output.

    foreach _______________ (_______________)
    print STDOUT "_______________";

  14. _______________-script is a "politically neutral" scripting standard which Netscape and Micro$oft are supposed to adhere to with JavaScript and JScript respectively.

  15. A series of images may be stitched together into a panorama and displayed online using Quicktime VR. This maps/wraps the images onto a virtual _______________ for display.

  16. The process of synthesizing images of a three-dimensional computer model is known as _______________. This process is usually carried out after the earlier stages of modelling and animating the form.

  17. The first harmonic of a sound is also known as the _______________ of that tone. The second harmonic is known as the _______________ _______________.

  18. In order to implement a program in Perl to retrieve data submitted via a web form, one ensures that the program is _______________ - compliant so that the web server and the script are able to communicate properly. The script should also be capable of responding correctly to requests using either the _______________ method or the _______________ method for transmitting data to the script.

Short Answer
Answer every question in this section by writing a short paragraph.

1. Describe the HSV system for specifying colour.
(~5 line answer)

2. What are the four basic interaction tasks? Briefly describe each.
(~6 line answer)

3. (a) Describe one weakness inherent in presenting digital multimedia content from a desktop computer. Name a medium which does not suffer from this weakness. (~3-4 line answer)

(b) List two traditional techniques that can be successfully applied to the presentation of a message using computer-based multimedia. (~2-4 line answer)

4. Give three means of choosing the images to draw on an icon. Draw examples of each.
(~6 line answer plus diagrams)

5. (a) Explain what is meant by mapping in user-centered design.
(~ 4 line answer)

(b) Give some examples of the uses of mapping in multimedia design.
(~6 line answer)

6. Discuss strategies to deal with errors and error handling in good user-centered design.
(~ 8 lines)

7. Explain the difference between organisational schemes and organisational structures. How do the two influence each other. (Use of a diagram is necessary).
(~ 8 lines)

8. Explain the key differences between JPEG and GIF image file formats. What type of source material is each format best at storing for web page use?
(~8 lines)

PART C: Programming and HTML
Answer every question. Use code and or HTML where appropriate.

1. Write a JavaScript program to send the browser to the previously open
web page, after a short delay beginning when the script is activated.

2.(a) List the major components of Dynamic HTML - show how they interact with each other within a web browser.

(b) Write a DHTML page that swaps one image to another when the user's mouse rolls over it.

3. Write a Perl cgi program that generates a questionnaire form similar to the one below:

Once the user presses the submit button, the same Perl script should append the data entered to the file "" (in the same directory as the script).

4. What does this page source code do when loaded into a web browser?

PART D: Long Answer Questions
Answer all three questions (~1 page with diagrams)

1. The National Museum has asked you to create a new web site for their grand
opening. To begin with, it will need to include the following material:

a) A 'shop' from which to purchase museum merchandise online
b) Some pages advertising current exhibits at the museum
c) A page with admission prices, opening times, location etc.

In the future the museum wishes to display some of its permanent collection
online. They also hope to have a set of educational pages for children on
which might appear quizzes, games and other activities related to the
exhibitions at the museum.

Produce a design brief for the new museum web site. Where information has not
been provided for you in the above description, include likely scenarios
and suggest possible answers to the questions which must be posed in the
creation of the brief.

2. List and describe the six general principles of interface design. Provide examples of each as they apply to the design of a web site.

3. Before producing an animation, it is often helpful to produce a storyboard. Draw a simple storyboard for the action description given below. Be sure to include information relevant to the production of the short animated sequence in the standard places on the storyboard. Don't worry if you aren't “good at drawing”. Focus on conveying the relevant information simply and clearly. Make sure you don't leave out any essential information that would be required to produce an animation of the story.

Action description :

A mouse hole is at the bottom of a tree in a forest. Outside the mouse hole is a juicy worm. A mouse appears in the hole then looks around. It is safe outside so, with the patter of tiny feet, the mouse rushes over to the worm. With a grunt, the mouse picks up the worm. The worm screams loudly. The mouse drops the worm in surprise. A kookaburra* laughs from out of shot. The mouse looks startled for a second, then hurries back and disappears into his hole without the worm.

* A kookaburra is an Australian bird with a distinctive “laughing” call.