CSE5910 : Multimedia Programming in Java

Laboratory sessions

Starting week 2 of semester

Students are required to attend one two-hour laboratory session per week. It would be most convenient for you (but not strictly necessary) if all four members of your assignment group attended the same laboratory session. Attendence and participation at laboratory sessions will be noted and will impact on your results indirectly, especially in cases where final grades fall on mark boundaries for the formally assessable components of the unit (e.g. between fail/pass, pass/credit, credit distinction and distinction/high-distinction). Exercises set for laboratory sessions will directly assist you in the completion of your assignment work and in understanding the course material for the examination.

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri


10am     laboratory class
2pm   lecture (HB.39)
3pm   lecture (HB.39)      
4pm   laboratory classes
(B3.43 & B3.44)


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