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EvoEco Interactive Applet

The Interactive Evolutionary Algorithm used to evolve pleasing EvoEco individuals.

Couldn't open the applet! Please consider installing Java.

Note: this version is modified from the version used in the survey: special search methodologies are not included; additional individuals have been added to the background database; world size has changed; and depending on your screen size, the population size might be reduced. If there are issues with the applet, consider installing a recent version of Java.

EvoEco and its outputs are © T. Kowaliw, A. Dorin, and J. McCormack, 2010. We hereby give permission for the re-use and re-distribution of results for non-commercial purposes, under the condition that credit be given to us (including a link to this page or a reference to our paper), and that any modifications be noted. This page last modified March 2011.