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Last revised 22 February 2016

For the web page of Hernando de los Rios Coronel and the Spanish Philippines in the Golden Age please click here.
My latest book is The DasmariƱases: Early governors of the Spanish Philippines see here.

Photographs: Exhibition and book Composition and Context.
The book is available NOW.
Please email me at the address at the top of the page.
Research interests

      Previous publications.
    A full list of my publications is available on request.
    All enquiries to John.Crossley "at symbol"

    Hindu-Arabic numerals and medieval musicology

    Mathematical logic and theoretical computer science

    Extracting programs from proofs

    Iman Hafiz Poernomo, John Newsome Crossley and Martin Wirsing,
    Adapting proofs-as-progams: The Curry-Howard protocol
    2005, 420 pp.
    Springer, New York.


    My classics



    What is mathematical logic?

    with Chris Brickhill, Chris Ash(+), John Stillwell and Neil Williams,
    (Latest edition) Dover Books US$4.95 would you believe!.

    History of Mathematics
    1. General
    See my The Emergence of Number,
    World Scientific, Singapore, 1987.

    2. Chinese mathematics
    See my translation (with Tony Lun) of
    Chinese Mathematics: A Concise History,
    by Li Yan and Du Shiran.
    Oxford University Press, 1987.

    Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art: Commentary and Companion

    by Shen Kangshen, John N. Crossley and Anthony W.-C. Lun,
    Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, ISBN: 0-19 853936 3.
Also available from Amazon.

Brief CV

M.A., D.Phil. (Oxon) 1963
Monash University appointments:
Professor of Pure Mathematics 1969
Professor of Logic 1994
Emeritus Professor 2007
Research Mentor, Faculty of Information Technology 1998
Formerly University Lecturer in Mathematical Logic and
Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford

My interests

  • Photography

  • You might like to see my photographs of All Souls College, Oxford,
    but also see my exhibition Composition and Context.

  • Gardening

  • Running (in the past!)

  • Marathon times:
    1989, Melbourne 3h:16m:24s
    1990, Melbourne 3h:29m:00s
    2001, Munich 4h:23m:49s
    Half marathon times:
    2000, 2001 Melbourne 1h:50m approx.
    Half marathon finish in 2000
    >br>2006, Melbourne 2h:19m:06s

  • Some photos from the past

    Sara Miranda and John Crossley on 2 February 1991
    Sara Miranda and John Crossley in Essex, October, 2004.
    Zebedee Nicholls with Nelson and Merlin Crossley (from left to right)
    Ainsley Nicholls, born 9 December 2001 photo taken 2004