Damian Conway

Biographical Information

How did I end up teaching Computer Science?

In 1983, never having used a computer before, I enrolled in a BSc/BE double degree, majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I perservered with Engineering until they tried to make me learn Thermodynamics, at which point I swapped to a straight Science degree. In 1986 I completed my Honours degree in Computer Science.

From there I went immediately into a PhD, looking at methods of drawing 3D shapes on computers without special purpose hardware. I submitted the thesis in January 1993.

In the meantime (in 1990) I ran out of money and needed a full-time job. I had been a demonstrator since 1986 and enjoyed the teaching, so I applied for a job as a lecturer. I started work in February 1991.

Have I spent all my life in universities?

No, along the way I've also had jobs as a programmer, a user-support consultant, a research scientist (with Telstra), and an instructor for Outward Bound.

What do I do at Monash?

Presently I teach the following courses: I have a Third Year project group, several Honours project students, and eight postgraduates, who are working on projects as diverse as: I also conduct my own research and write papers in the following areas: The rest of my time is taken up running the Bachelor of Computer Science degree.


Favourite food: pasta

Favourite cuisine: Vietnamese

Favourite (recent) film: The Fifth Element (1997)

Favourite (ancient) film: Pride and Prejudice (1940)

Favourite authors: Terry Pratchett, Harry Harrison, Steve Perry, David Brin, Harry Turtledove.

Favourite comedians: Lenny Henry, Rowan Atkinson (as Blackadder, not Mr Bean)

Favourite musicians: Jean Michel Jarre, J. J. Cale, Kashtin

Favorite sports: lifting, volleyball (co-rec), cricket (spectator)

Favourite programming languages: C++, C, Eiffel, GRAIL, Haskell, HyperTalk, Icon, Orthogonal, Perl, PostScript, Self.

Damian Conway / damian@bruce.csse.monash.edu.au