Honours Thesis

"A Software System for Image Processing Chinese Character Fonts"


Fonts used in computerised type-setting are typically stored as libraries of bit-maps corresponding to individual characters. These maps are constructed by digitizing hand-drawn masters and the data is then stored in a format suitable for efficient use by the typesetting output device. In the case of Chinese character fonts, the volume of data involved means that as much automation of this process as possible is desirable.

Limitations of the character digitization process introduce noise features into the bit-maps, decreasing the accuracy of reproduction of the characters. Two such features commonly encountered are aliasing of near-horizontal and near-vertical lines, and small local errors such as cavitation of edges.

This thesis describes a modular set of procedures developed to detect and eliminate these undesirable features in the character bit-maps of various fonts and convert this enhanced data to an edge-based vector format, suitable for modern typesetting devices.

Damian Conway / damian@bruce.csse.monash.edu.au