Meetings: 4.00p.m. Tuesdays, (unless otherwise stated) meeting room 102, Bldg. 26 ("CS"), Monash Univ., Clayton Coming up ---------- Volunteers wanted for future talks This file is ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Past: ----- 20/11/03 Chris Wallace (B26 R135) A Brief History of MML 17/06/03 A. Bickerstaffe (Rm 135) MML Analysis of Musical Melody 20/05/03 Enes Makalic (Rm 135) MML Inference of 1 Hidden-layer Neural Nets 25/03/03 Peter J. Tan (Rm 135) MML decision graphs beating both C4.5 and C5 29/11/02 Sarah George (Rm 135) MML interpretn of natl lang segmentd arguments 20/11/02 Lara Kornienko (Rm 135) MessLen formulation of SVMs for Binary Class'n 12/11/02 Yudi Agusta (Lec Th S14) MML mixture modelling of Gaussian and t distns 24/05/02 L. Allison, E. Makalic, R. O'Donnell, et al. CDMS workshop 13/05/02 Greg Chaitin (CSSE sem.) Paradoxes Of Randomness 27/11/01 Yudi Agusta MML inference of t and Gaussian distributions 20/11/01 Peter Tan (Bld63, Rm115) MML inference of multi-way join dec'n graphs 12/12/00 Asat Arslanov (Rm 135) On the alg'c randomness conjecture of Solovay 5/12/00 Leigh Fitzgibbon MML Grouping of Ordered Data (3:20p.m.) 5/12/00 Geoff McLachlan Applying Finite Mixture Models (4:00p.m.) 29/11/00 J Comley + L Fitzgibbon CDMS (Grand Unified MML Software) demo' 28/11/00 Murray Jorgensen Multin'l mixture models to cluster I'net traff 21/11/00 Robert Huestis Finding genes 17/10/00 Scott Needham Decision trees and MML as Ockham's razor 12/09/00 T Edgoose PPM Snob 11/07/00 J Comley + L Fitzgibbon Grand Unified MML Software 27/06/00 Charles Twardy Conservation Laws and Causal Perception 12/06/00 Kai Ming Ting (CSSE sem) Comparative Study of Cost-Sensitive Boosting 7/06/00 Asat Arslanov On autocomputability (part III) 6/06/00 Asat Arslanov On autocomputability (part II) 30/05/00 Asat Arslanov On autocomputability 28/03/00 Chris Wallace The feathers on the arrow of time 25/10/99 Greg Chaitin (CSSE sem.) A century of controversy regarding the foundations of mathematics 18/10/99 Lloyd Allison Data Analysis Front-End and GUI (cont'd) 11/10/99 Lloyd Allison Data Analysis Front-End and GUI 9/08/99 Jon Oliver (CSSE sem.) Internet personalisation using MML 9/06/99 Tim Edgoose Markov model segmentation in clustering 7/06/99 Murli' Viswanathan (CSSE sem.) Finding Cutpoints in Noisy Binary Sequences - An MML Approach 31/05/99 Dean McKenzie (CSSE sem., 2pm) Classification and regression trees : a statistical perspective 19/04/99 Donald A S Fraser (CSSE sem.) Directions in likelihood asymptotics: from accurate approximations to foundational methodology 1/03/99 Murray Jorgensen (CSSE sem.) Mixture model class'n using MULTIMIX prog 22/02/99 Murray Jorgensen (CSSE sem.) A dynamic version of the EM algorithm 8/12/98 Dean Trower (non-MML) Minds & Brains: Steps twd a new comp thry of mind 06/10/98 Lloyd Allison Defining data classes for "data mining" 05/10/98 Guoqi Qian (CSSE sem.) Robust Lin Reg'n Model Sel'n by Stoch Complexity 25/08/98 Murli' Viswanathan Polynomial fitting by MML and 2 versions of V-C 11/08/98 L Allison, FITR & al FITR98 "Data Mining Environment" discussion 25/05/98 Lloyd Allison (CSSE sem.) Compression and approximate string matching 4/05/98 Geoff Robinson A Bayesian view of likelihood-based methods 28/04/98 Graham Farr The complexity of Strict MML inference II 07/04/98 Graham Farr The complexity of Strict MML inference 27/01/98 Tim Edgoose Modelling DNA with approximate repeats 23/12/97 Brendan Macmillan MML analysis + compos'n of nursery rhyme melodies 16/12/97 Chris Wallace Logistic models 8/12/97 Russell Edwards Single factor analysis in MML mixture modelling 2/09/97 Chris Wallace Fitting polynomials of arbitrary degree 3/06/97 Julian Neil MML evolution of causal models using GAs 13/05/97 Chris Wallace MML 2-dimensional correlated spatial clustering 29/04/97 Rohan Baxter Some Applications of AutoClass 22/04/97 Bernd Meyer Info'n theory, honesty, and multiple choice tests 8/04/97 David Powell DNA alignment under sequence-dependent mutation 25/03/97 Jon Oliver MML One Dimensional Segmentation 18/03/97 Bernd Meyer Using info th'y to isolate noise in corr'd obsn's 6/12/96 David Dowe Strict MML and conditional Kolmogorov Complexity 28/11/96 David Winkler molec' multipole moments and prot struct pred'n 14/11/96 David Dowe Strict MML and Kolmogorov Complexity 17/10/96 Lloyd Allison Alignment of non-random sequences 10/10/96 Bernd Meyer Opt'l comb'n of mult. predictors for image compr. 12/09/96 Paul Vitányi The MDL Principle, Bayesianism & Kolmogorov Compl 20/08/96 Many people ISIS conference, Old Melbourne Hotel 20/08/96 15/08/96 David Dowe Difficulties with the Efficient Market Hypothesis 15/08/96 Chris Wallace (also) False Oracles and Strict MML Estimators 25/07/96 Nathalie Jitnah Bayesian Network Algorithms 25/06/96 T Edgoose (half talk) other experiments re compressing SS & AA|SS data 25/06/96 D Dowe (half talk) protein ideas re compressing SS & AA|SS data 18/06/96 Ian Davidson Classification of Plain Text Document 11/06/96 David Dowe proteins: dgraph(2nd struct) = AA; phi, phi+psi 28/05/96 Timothy Edgoose Classification of ordered datasets 21/05/96 Rohan Baxter ICOMP 14/05/96 Chris Wallace Polynomial fitting by V-C dimension and by MML 07/05/96 David Dowe Resolving the Neyman-Scott problem by MML 30/04/96 T Edgoose; L Allison Correl'd Snob and snowfall; MDL polygon fitting 16/04/96 Prof. Amit Ghosal Dialogue with R.A. Fisher on fiduciary inference 02/04/96 Tim Edgoose MML classific'n with correlated class transitions 27/02/96 David Dowe MML and the Turing Test 20/02/96 Gleb Beliakov Fuzzy sets and membership f'ns based on prob's 13/02/96 Lloyd Allison A genetic mapping problem, "stochastic guessing" 19/12/95 Tim Edgoose Inter-class transitions in MML mixture modelling 12/12/95 Geoff Robinson CSIRO Theories of stat inference and upsetting examples 31/10/95 Hilan Bensusan Constructive Induction 24/10/95 several MML and the Likelihood principle 17/10/95 Tim Edgoose Modelling correlation in Snob data sets 10/10/95 Ian Thomas Lexical Access Using Snob 3/10/95 Ann Nicholson Reflections on UAI'95 and IJCAI'95 12/ 9/95 Chris Wallace A ramble around a few theoretical puzzles II 5/ 9/95 Chris Wallace A ramble around a few theoretical puzzles 15/ 8/95 Jon Oliver Object'ns to Jeffreys's prior and Bayes class sel 1/ 8/95 Peter Tischer digital coding w'shop report work-in-progress:MML thresholding / segmentation 25/ 7/95 Rohan Baxter; + csw MML & Overlapping Mixture Models/ /csw shows how annealing can posterior sample 18/ 7/95 James Forbes; + csw Discovering Bayesian networks II; + csw anneals 11/ 7/95 James Forbes Discovering Bayesian networks 4/ 7/95 Brendan Macmillan Arithmetic Coding and Composing Music 27/ 6/95 Tim Edgoose Markov model discussion; C-Snob 20/ 6/95 Rohan Baxter MML and pen-based computing { dld inherited/took_over list from lloyd } 6/ ?/95 Korb causal models (experimental results) 30/ 5/95 Korb & Dai MML induction of causal models 23/ 5/95 David Dowe (i) conf proposal & (ii) supervised class'n 16/ 5/95 David Dowe to be decided 9/ 5/95 Peter Tischer Image comp'n, MML regression, robust regression. 2/ 5/95 Misc': protein structure progress; document retrieval 4/ 4/95 Kevin Korb roasting strong symbolicism & connectionism 28/ 3/95 Julian Neale GAs and trees/graphs 21/ 3/95 Darren Platt genetic (DNA) mapping problems 14/ 3/95 discussion protein structure 7/ 3/95 Tim Edgoose alt.C-SNOB and PhD research plan 28/ 2/95 Rohan Baxter MML cf. MDL 21/ 2/95 Jon' Oliver MML, Bayesianism, accuracy, invariance. 3/11/94 Colin Thompson Autonomous agents and primitive induction. 27/10/94 Alan Finlay Decision (not classification) Trees 20/10/94 Honghua Dai learning inexact rules from low quality data 13/10/94 Misc': . Tam update on graph library, . discuss on-line tools, what to get, where to put, etc. 6/10/94 James Forbes probabilistic causality 8/ 9/94 Desra Ghazfan Document retrieval 1/ 9/94 David Dowe MML and Chess 25/ 8/94 Jonathan Oliver Mixture modelling 18/ 8/94 Jonathan Oliver Fanned Decision Trees 11/ 8/94 Catherine Scipione time series, states, non-linear models 4/ 8/94 Lloyd Allison evolutionary trees from DNA 22/ 7/94 Ian Davidson entropy, cellular automata, urban land use ... lost in the mists of time ... 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