Probabilistic prediction

In problems of prediction, as well as using "yes"/"no" predictions, we would encourage people to consider also using probabilistic prediction, where the score assigned to a probabilistic prediction is given according to the (negative) logarithm of the stated probability of the event. More on this is given in (e.g.)
D. L. Dowe, G. E. Farr, A. J. Hurst and K. L. Lentin (1996):
"Information-theoretic football tipping",
in N. de Mestre (ed.), 3rd Conference on Mathematics and Computers in Sport,
Bond University, Qld, Australia, 233-241, 1996 ; or
D. L. Dowe et al., Kullback-Leibler distance, probability and football prediction.
Scoring functions for probabilistic prediction
Scoring functions for probabilistic prediction and Gaussian prediction.
Australian football as an example of probabilistic prediction
Link to (new) Monash Computer Science Footy Tipping Page (and how to join).
Link to K.L. Lentin's 1995 Footy Tipping Page, including (Probabilistic) Info Theory Tipping Results.
Link to A. J. Hurst's 1996 Footy Tipping Results, including Probabilistic and Gaussian Results.

3rd Year project on probabilistic sports prediction
Probabilistic sports prediction using machine learning.
Current Australian football season data
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Past Australian football seasons' data
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Links to Wil's 1995 Footy Page. and Wil's 1997 Footy Page.
Swinburne Sports Statistics.
Link to A. J. Hurst's directories of footy data since 1991 with 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996.
If you would like to find out more about or join a probabilistic prediction competition (for Australian football), e-mail Torsten Seemann, (or David "Saverio" Powell,, or David Dowe,
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Australian Informatics Olympiad
David Dowe's computer footy tips are in Friday's The Australian, starting Sat. 28th March 1998.

CSC423 Learning and Prediction (2nd semester, Comp. Sci. Hons. course)
If you are at or near Monash University and would like to know about the theory of probabilistic prediction or of MML, you could attend my 1998 2nd semester Comp. Sci. Hons. course CSC423 Learning and Prediction, starting on the week of Mon 20th July '98.

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