Alan Turing Year 2012

Alan Turing Centenary Celebration

Faculty of IT, Monash University, 14 Sept 2012

Venue: Lecture theatre R4, Rotunda, building 8, Clayton campus.
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Alan Turing (1912-1954) was a remarkably versatile and original mathematician and computer scientist, indeed he helped create the field of computer science. He made major contributions in several areas including the theory of computability, breaking the Enigma code during World War 2, design of early computers, and artificial intelligence. He died tragically at age 41. This year is the centenary of his birth and his achievements are being celebrated in Alan Turing Year, an international programme of events including this one.

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9:00am Graham Farr Welcome
9:10am Graham Farr Alan Turing
9:25am David Albrecht Turing machines
9:45am Kerri Morgan Uncomputability
9:55am    James Harland (RMIT)    Turing and ordinal logic
10:05am Carlo Kopp Military context of Turing's work at Bletchley Park
10:10am Ron Steinfeld Turing and the Enigma cypher
10:25am Morning coffee
10:55am Doug Hamilton Commentary on chess game: Turing's Algorithm v. Garry Kasparov
11:10am Group photo in R4
11:15am Arun Konagurthu Turing and Morphogenesis
11:35am Kevin Korb The Turing Test
11:55am David Dowe Universal Turing Machines, probability and intelligence
12:15pm Lunch
1:30pm Finish