CSE2305 - Object-Oriented Software Engineering
Week 1

Topic 1: Abstraction and Encapsulation


Course Overview

Lecture Notes


Choose one of these two texts.The third is a comprehensive overview of UML.

Practical Classes and Tutorials



What is Object-orientation?

Why Program using Object-orientation?

Components of the Object Model

Abstraction¤ (or "All men are animals")

[Diagram showing a collection of creatures]
[Diagram showing a collection of creatures grouped in a         biological hierarchy]
[Diagram showing a collection of creatures grouped according to         dangerousness]

Abstraction¤ and Classification¤

Abstraction¤ and Relationships

[Diagram showing an abstraction hierarchy with instances]

Types of Abstraction¤

An Example

Encapsulation¤ (or "Don't show your privates")

Encapsulation¤ to Partition

Encapsulation¤ to Protect

An Example


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