FIT4012 - Evolutionary Simulation and Synthesis

FIT4012 - Part 1
Evolutionary Simulation and Synthesis

Monash University, Clayton's School of Information Technology.

Lectures: Tuesday 10am-12pm, Room G12A G16, Building 26, Weeks 1-6
Lecturer: A/Prof. Jon McCormack, (H7.35 Caulfield/ 143(63) Clayton, Tuesday only), Ph. x32187.
Consultation times: Please email for an appointment or see me after the lecture

Watch this space for important announcements.

An interesting article by Steven Pinker on Scientism in New Republic.
(see also some responses here and here).

Lectures moved to G16 to avoid the building noise.

Here is the library reading list for this unit.

Read the SIGEVOlution Newsletter

CMA-ES Algorithm

Roger Alsing's Evolution of the Mona Lisa

Here are Stewart Wilson's notes and slides on XCS

Information on Karl Sims' evolved virtual creatures.


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