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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Home Page of Lito Perez Cruz

Hello and Welcome!


I am an IT professional with extensive experience in doing software engineering work. Some companies I worked for were Unisys, HP and IBM just to name a few. Right now I am doing my doctoral work at Monash University's Faculty of IT under the the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering. My research is in the field of applied artificial intelligence. Briefly, I am interested in problems related to the coordination of mobile intelligent agents and contextual reasoning. I am involve in OntoSpace (a scheme for coordinating mobile agents) and Contalk (Contextualized Description Languages). Just contact me if you wish to know more about my research work.

Here are my educational qualifications:

My office is in the Caulfield Campus.

Here is a brief overview of what is in this site... Thanks for dropping by. Please visit these pages again because it is constantly updated. Do e:mail me for any questions you might have, I'd be happy to help.


I have started to blog. Come, visit and interact.

See interview with Gerald Schroeder found in Extra Curricular, this is courtesy of WhiteHorse Inn . Dr. Schroeder is author of several books on science.

Now in the news. Look here . Also look at the photo gallery of my supervisor Prof. John Crossley here.

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These are for those whom I consider as such. Do not laugh, I do have a few of them. This is a secured area.

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This is for my PhD supervisors and is a secured area. It is here that they monitor my research progress. Below are the valid users of this page...


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If you are interested in considering what I can do for you, look here for a brief outline. You have to contact me by e:mail if you wish to inquire about detailed experiences.


You will find here my research publications. It is not that many yet but we hope this will continue to grow in time.

Extra Curricular

This is where you will find personal things about me.

Feel free to roam around my web pages. This is updated frequently daily so do comeback..

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