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details of testing, 2, real data

Plasmodium falciparum DNA is 80% AT.
E.g. chromosome 2, took a seq' of 157 bases from intron/2nd-exon PFB0010w,
BLAST, defaults --> 60,765 "matches",  +2×50 flanking bases,  given to PRSS and to M-alignment   (btw BLAST + filtering --> no matches)
PRSS: 10,000+ "significant"
M-alignment + 5th order Markov model: Only 1,300 "significant" & get a better ranking
Pseudo gene PFB0045c fragment is related to intron of PFB0010w
BLAST: Fragment not found
PRSS: Fragment ranked 25,499 (of the 60,765)
M-alignment: Fragment ranked 241 (of the 60,765)

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