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%A Alf-Christian Achilles
%T Bibliography
%D 1994
%K bibliography, BibBib, bib, Computer Science, CSci, CS, computing,
   Karlsruhe, www, HREF, URL, ftp
%X [4/'95]
   The old URL will continue to work by means of redirection, which
   should be transparent to clients:
   BTW, is also
   bib-bib ~ 130K
   a bibliography of online bibliographies.
   Alf-Christian Achilles,
   Lehrstuhl Informatik fuer Ingenieure, und Naturwissenschaftler,   (8/'94)
   University of Karlsruhe, D-76128 Karlsruhe, Germany
   tel: +49 721 608-4335;  fax: +49 721 69 86 75

%T Computing Research Repository (ACM);  ACM digital library
%D 1998
%K CRR, ACM, LANL, technical report, TR, bib, bibliography,
   computer, CS, CSci, www, HREF, http, zz0998
%X ACM, Los ALomos and CSTR:
   Was [web][9/1998].

%T Computer Science Technical Reports
%D 1994
%K CSTR, Cornell, Computer Science, CS, CSci, technical report server, TR,
   computing, distributed, bib, bibliography, www, HREF, http
%X CSTR server
   Cornell CSci home

%T Glimpse
%D 1994
%K Glimpse, Arizona, Computer Science, CS, CSci, bib, bibliography,
   computing, www, HREF, http
%X [about Glimpse] [7/'97]
   bibliography (Glimpse)
      about 240,000 citations as of 8/'94

%A Richard Golding
%T Refdbms: a distributed bibliographic database manager.
%D 1994 ?
%K bib, bibliography, BibBib, computer, graphics, systems,
   computing, www, HREF, FTP
%X Refdbms
   via:  Fri Aug  5 18:00:14 1994

%A ?
%T BibNet: Automatized maintenance of a remote bibliography via email
%D 1994 ?
%K Bibnet, BibTex, net, bib, bibliography, computing, www, HREF, FTP
%X BibNet
   via:  Fri Aug  5 18:00:14 1994

%A Lloyd Allison
%T Home page
%D 1994
%K computer science, computing, CS, CSci, Monash, bibliography, bib,
   person, www, home page, HREF, http
%X [LA home]['23].
   Disclaimer: use information at own risk, no liability accepted.

%T London and South East Centre for High Performance Computing Archive
%D 1994
%K London, organization, SEL SE HPC, centre, center, England, UK, Europe,
   computing, archive, bib, bibliography,
   functional programming, FP,
   parallel concurrent, multi-processor, NN, ANN,
   www, site, page, information, HREF, URL, http, ftp
%X HPC Archive
   FP arch'
   add articles
   other archives
   Jonathan M. D. Hill    (7/'94)

%T National Center for BioInformatics,
   National Library of Medicine,
   National Institutes of Health, USA.
%D 1994
%K National Institutes of Health, institute, Washington, USA, NCBI, NLM, NIH,
   MolBio, Biol, Biology, science, Computing, Computational, Bio Informatics,
   center, centre, gene, genetics, GenBank, Blast, genome, HUGO, profiles,
   scientists, bib, bibliography, Entrez, MedLine,
   www, site, page, information, HREF, URL, http
%X NIH home
   NLM home
   NCBI home
      see  Searching GenBank / Entrez Browser / MedLine
   NCBI staff bib
   Profiles in Science [9/1998]

%T University of Washington, Seattle
%K Washington, university, Seattle, USA,
   Computer Science and Engineering, CS, CSci, computing,
      Weird Programming Language, Languages, Cecil,
   Genetics, Joe Felsenstein,
      MolBio, bio, biol, evolution, transition, transversion,
      PHYLIP, software, bibliography of population genetics, bionet,
   www, site, information, HREF, URL, FTP
%X [CSci Washington home]['07] Sleepless in Seattle,
      [Weird Programming Languages]['94]
   [Evoln genetics]['07]

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