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%T Gerry Anderson Appreciation Society
%K Anderson, Fanderson, fan club, puppet, puppetry, super marionation, FAB,
   supermarionation, film, TV, Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray, Thunderbirds,
   Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, Joe90, Secret Service, UFO, Space, Space1999,
   Precinct, fun, funn, www, HREF, http, zz0397
%X [web] [3/2023]
   [web] [1998]
   [web] [1997]
   Fanderson, PO Box 93, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 1XJ, England   [3/'97]

%A P. Greenspun
%T Butterflies
%D 1995
%K butterfly, insect, images, jpg, jpeg, fun, funn, www, HREF, http
%X [www][7/'01]

%T Cats and Robots
%D 1996
%K cat, cats, robot, robots, intelligent, fun, funn, funny, ha ha,
   www, HREF, http, zz0696
%X Cat

%T Centennial Light Bulb
%D 2001
%K light bulb, electric, centenial, century 1901, 2001, fun, funn, www,
   Livermore Pleasanton fire station, HREF, http, zz0701
%X This 4-Watt hand-blown electric bulb with a "carbide filament"
   has supposedly been burning since 1901 -
   Was [www][7/'01]
    - [email] the bulb!

%T Covered Bridges
%D 1994
%K covered bridge, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, fun, funn, www, HREF, http
%X Bridges
   Bridges [- old link]
   (Drexel University)

%T Cybergrrl
%D 1995
%K Cybergrrl, cybergirl, cyber girl, women, gender, fun, funn, www, HREF, http,
   Aliza Sherman
%X [Cybergrrl][10/'95] dormant?['18],
   used to be many moons ago.
   (See AS@[wikip]['15]
        or []['18].)

%T Essay Marking
%D 1998
%K English, Grammar, Spelling, exam, mark, marks, www, HREF, http, zz1198,
   fun, funn, funny, bot, bots, autonomous, agent, agents,
   education, courseware, vapour ware
%X [web][10/1998]

%T Formula One
%D 1994
%K Formula one, F1, Grand Prix, GP, car, race, racing, sport, automotive,
   entertainment, fun, funn, www, HREF, http
%X [][7/'01]
   [F1 Calendar][7/'01]

%A The Goon Show
%D 1994
%K Goons, entertainment, media, radio, fun funn, www, HREF, http
%X [][7/'01, 3/'23]
   [Goon Show Archive][4/'01]
   [Goon Show Archive]['94]

%T Human Powered Vehicles
%D 1995
%K Human powered vehicle, HPV, fun, funn, www, HREF, http, zz0695
%X Human Powered Vehicle Archive
   Human Powered Vehicle Archive Source Guide
   - Claas van der Linde    [6/'95]

%T Decavitator
%D 1994
%K Human powered vehicle, boat, boating, hydrofoil, HPV,
   fun, funn, www, HREF, http
%X Decavitator
   27 Oct 1991: 18.5 knots (9.53m/s) over 100 metres.
   31 Dec 1992: DuPont prize.    Boat in Museum of Science in Boston, Mass.

%T Land-Rover
%D 1994
%K Land-Rover, LandRover, Range Rover, automotive, automobile, car,
   four wheel drive, all, 4WD, 4x4, 4X4, fun, funn, www, HREF, http
%X Land-Rover

%A Lego
%K Lego, LegoLand, lugnet, toy, toys, fun, funn, www, HREF, http, zz0999
%X (Lego Builders) [9/'99, '23] [1998]
   Lego at .com [5/'95]
   Lego at .no  ['94]

%T Kylie Minogue
%D 1994
%K Minogue, Kylie, oz, au, entertainment, pop, music, fun, funn,
   www, HREF, http
%X KM@[wikip]['23].
   The unofficial-site below closed down in February 2001 - Tony Henshall.
     Kylie [10/'97]
     Kylie [2/'97]
     Kylie [4/'95]
     original ['94]
     Is this voyeurism?  Is it cyberstalking?
     I am slightly surprised that the site has lasted so long
     and has not been closed down over copyright.
   But there is now an official site ...

%T Private Eye
%D 1995
%K Private Eye, satire, satirical, political, politics, mag, magazine, media,
   England, UK, fun, funn, www, HREF, http, zz0795
%X [www][7/'01, '23]
   was [the Eye]['95]

%T America's Cup
%D 1994
%K sail, sailing, yacht, yachting, race, boat, America's, Americas, cup, AC95,
   sport, fun, funn, www, HREF, http, zz0517
%X [www]['17] (#35: 26/5-27/6 2017).
   Was [www][7/'01],
       [AC 1995].

%T Sydney - Hobart Yacht Race
%D 1994
%K sail, sailing, yacht, yachting, annual, race, sport, fun, funn,
   www, HREF, http
%X was [www][7/'01]
   was [Sydney-Hobart]['94]
   Start: 1.00 pm Boxing Day  (annual event)

%T Spam
%A Hormel
%K Spam, Hormel, FAQ, 1937, luncheon meat, ham, pork, pig,
   www, fun, funn, HREF, http, zz1098
%X Hormel invented Spam in Austin, Minnesota, USA, 1937.
   Apparently it's pork shoulder, ham and spices.
   1998: claim 5 billion cans have been sold.
   See [10/1998]

%A J. Cho
%T Spam Ku; Tranquil Reflections on Luncheon Loaf.
%I Harper_Perennial
%D 1998
%P 96
%K spam, haiku, spamku, senryu, book, text, fun, funn, funny, ha ha, hahah,
   www, HREF, http, zz1098
%X isbn:0060952784;  about us$7;
   *Was*   12/2003,   10/1998.

%T Trabant
%D 1996
%K Trabant, Trabi, East Germany, eastern, plastic, car,
   fun, funn, silly, www, HREF, http, zz1096
%X [Trabi-web]['96, '23].
   In addition to the history there are pictures from the '70s, '60s
   which show You the life with Trabant in Hungary and other
   interesting bits.
   - Paul Negyesi [10/'96]

%T Travels with Samantha
%D 1994
%K Samantha, travel, slide show, fun, funn, www, HREF, http, Greenspun
%X [www]['17, '23].
   Was [Travels]['01]

%T Wallace and Gromit
%D 1994
%K fun, funn, TV, cartoon, www, HREF, http
   Surely there must be a W+G (www) site somewhere - tell me if you know.

%A J. Butler
%T Scotch Malt Whisky
%K whisky, alcohol, Scotland, fun, funn, www, HREF, http
%X [Virtual Whisky][1998,2001,2023]
   [Virtual Whisky][1994]

%T Exploratorium
%D 1994
%K Science, museum, California, San Francisco, USA, fun, funn, www, HREF, http
%X Exploratorium

%A T. Jefferson
%A K. Shashok
%A E. Wagner
%T Get peered!
%J British Medical J.
%V 327
%N 7429
%P 1439-1441
%D 2003
%K jrnl, BMJ, c2003, c200x, c20xx, zz1203, peer review, fun, funn, funny, ha ha,
   haha, spoof, board game, global, impact factor, JIF, KPI, KPIs, GIF, factors,
   academia, promotion, publications, paper, papers, publish, perish,
   refereeing, reviewing, www, http, HREF
%X Dec 20 [doi:10.1136/bmj327.7429.1439][12/'03].

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