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%T Cambridge Coffee Pot
%D 1994
%K Coffee pot, silly, www, HREF, http
%X Coffee pot

%T CMU Coke Machine
%D 2007
%K Coke, Coca Cola, silly, www, HREF, http
%X [][2007]
   [CMU coke][1994]

%T Trabant
%D 1996
%K Trabant, Trabi, East Germany, eastern, plastic, car,
   fun, funn, silly, www, HREF, http, zz1096
%X Was [Trabi-web]['96].
   In addition to the history there are pictures from the '70s, '60s
   which show You the life with Trabant in Hungary and other
   interesting bits.
   - Paul Negyesi [10/'96]

%T SpellingLand
%D 1994
%K Spelling, Aaron, Melrose-Place, Beverly Hills, 90210, The Heights,
   Models Inc, entertainment, media, TV, soap, soapie, silly, www, HREF, http
%X (2/'95)
   Mega-corp' seems to have done-in the unofficial site.

%T Haiku - Microsoft error messages
%D 2000
%K Haiku, micro soft, errors, message, BSOD, abend, bug, disc, crash, reboot,
   windows xp, haikus, art, mind, brain, fun, funny, ha ha, haha, silly,
   www, HREF, http
%X [here]

%T Ig Nobel Prizes
%D 1997
%K Ig Nobel prize, igNobel, ignoble, noble, Science, spam, funny, silly,
   Annals Improbable Research, hot AIR, www, HREF, http, zz1097
%X [][2021].
   WAS  [www dot improb dot com]  but since taken over.
   Communications: Sanford Wallace of Cyber Promotions, spam, spam, spam...
   [1994 Prizes]

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