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%T SuSE Linux Office Suite
%D 1998
%K SUSE, Linux, Unix, windows, msword, spreadsheet, word processor, fax, works,
   topical, ms, msword, microsoft, compatible, www, HREF, http, zz1098
%X [more] [9/1998]
   about us$80.
   [see:  staroffice]

%A Ralph Nader
%T Essential Information
%D 1997
%K consumer protection, social issues, consumerism, politics, law, legal,
   business, antitrust, anti-trust, Microsoft, micro-soft, MS,
   topical, person, EI, www, HREF, http, org, zz1097
%X [web][10/'97]
   `Appraising Microsoft' Conference November 1997

%A Australian Broadcasting Corporation
%D 1995
%K ABC, oz, TV, television, radio, media, organization, site,
   www, HREF, http, zz0895, topical,
   hotchips, hot chips, quantum, behind the news, btn
%X A.B.C.
   Hot Chips
   Behind the News

%T Eternity Puzzle
%D 1999
%K puzzle, million pounds, millionaire, jig saw, jigsaw, prize, competition,
   topical, www, HREF, http, zz1099
%X official [10/1999] [10/1999]

%T Bioinformatics
%K Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Biol, MolBio, PSB, ISCB,
   International Society, courses, subjects, courseware,
   topical, www, HREF, http, zz0300
%X PSB:  www c1996/'97
   ISCB: training
   J. Bioinformatics: [14(7)]['05]
      was [14(7)]['00]
   Sloan Foundation:  www report
   Russ Altman: www, Bioinf' at Stanford
     - via Larry Hunter [3/2000]

%D 1999
%K DVD, digital versatile disc, video disc, DVD, DeCSS, disk, encryption,
   crack, cracking, Content Scrambling System, CSS, attack, attacks,
   Livid, MPAA, www, HREF, http, topical, zz1199
      claims code is weak, open to attack, and indeed opened.
      links and reports.

%A L. Allison
%A R. A. Baxter
%T Protecting Our Innocents
%R 95/224
%I Dept. Computer Science, Monash University
%D 1995
%K LAllison, Monash, TR224, TR 224, internet, inter net,  world wide web,
   child, children, kids, K12, porn, pornography, violence, politics, sex,
   online, censorship, censor, ethics, ethical, CICA, PICS, surfwatch,
   www, HREF, http, zz0695, topical, c1995, c199x, c19xx
%X Argues that internet authors (www, ftp, ...) should be encouraged,
   NOT required, to describe their works using annotations that are
   objective and machine readable.  (This is not a censorship proposal and
   it cannot be (mis)used as one.)
   [TR 95/224 here]
   Also see: Regulation of on-line information services (a submission) Aug 1995.

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