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%T Galaxy
%D 1994
%K Galaxy, index, wwwIndex, www, HREF, http
%X Galaxy at einet

%A O. McBryan
%T Mother of all bulletin boards
%D 1994
%K mother, index, guide, wwwIndex, virtual, online, www, HREF, http
%X Mother of all bulletin boards

%T Virtual Libraries
%D 1994
%K virtual library, index, guide, wwwIndex, online, www, HREF, http
%X Virtual Libraries [10/'96]

%T The Virtual Library
%D 1994
%K Virtual Library, vlib org, Encyclopaedia, index, online,
      BioScience, BioSciences, Bio, Biol, Biology, MolBio,
      Computing, computer science, CS, CSci,
   www, wwwIndex, home, page, information, HREF, URL, http
%X [][5/'03]
      [Bio Sciences][5/'03]
   OLD Virtual Library [10/'96]

%D 1995
%K WWW, AU, aus, com, oz, Australia, Australian, internet,
   index, wwwIndex, search engine, SE, www, HREF, http
%X Australian Site Index

%T FreePages
%K free pages, commercial, com, co, England, uk,
   index, wwwIndex, www, HREF, http, zz0396
%X [web page]   [3/'96]

%T Yahoo - a Guide to WWW
%D 1994
%K Yahoo, index, guide, virtual, online, impressive,
   index, wwwIndex, search engine, SE, www, HREF, http
%X they went commercial [4/'95]
   original URL

%T Yellow Pages
%D 1995
%K wwwIndex, commercial, company, business, www, HREF, http, zz0595
%X YP [5/'95]

%T MultiMedia
%D 1994
%K multimedia, index, wwwIndex, unige, audio, aif, mpeg, computer, computing,
   FAQ, FAQs, zz0595, www, HREF, http
%X MultiMedia Info [5/'95]
   was at:
   MultiMedia UniGe ['94]

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