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%T Int. Conf. on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology
%K ISMB,  ISCB,  ISMB94,ISMB2,1994, ISMB95,ISMB3,1995, ISMB96,ISMB4,1996,
   ISMB97,ISMB5,1997, ISMB98,ISMB6,1998, ISMB99,ISMB7,1999, ISMB8,2000,
   ISMB9,2001, ISMB10,2002, ISMB11,2003, ISMB12,2004, ISMB13,2005, ISMB14,2006,
   ISMB15,2007, ISMB16,2008, ISMB17,2009, ISMB18,2010, ISMB19,2011, ISMB20,2012,
   ISBM21,2013, ISMB22,2014, ISMB23,2015, ISMB30,2022
   MolBio,conf,CFP,conference,bioinformatics,AI,II,www,HREF,http, zz0122,zz0123
%X [ISMB-30] 10-14 July 2022, Madison Wisc., deadline 13 Jan 2022
   [ISMB-23] 10-14 July 2015, Dublin (with ECCB), deadline 16 Jan 2015

%A W. F. Lunnon
%T Four combinatorial problems
%J ???
%I Atlas Computer Laboratory
%V ??
%D 1971
%P 35-38
%K pentominoe, polyominoe, map fold maps folding, Dedekind's problem,
   postage stamp stamps, combinatorics, count, generate, enumerate,
   c1971, c197x, c19xx, zz0122
%X "This article is a brief review of four problems we have attacked in the past
   few years. They all share the following characteristics: they are intuitively
   appealing and easy to pose; but they are (it seems) impossible to solve in
   any meaningful sense, and the only effective computational approach to them
   is direct enumeration; the functions f(n) involved grow exponentially, and
   with them the computing time required; but the computer space required is
   very small. ..."
   -- paper@[www]['22].

%A H. Bunke
%A Xiaoyi Jiang
%T Graph matching and similarity
%J Intell. Sys. and Interf.
%I Springer
%P 281-304
%D 2000
%K c2000, c200x, c20xx, zz0122, maths, graph, matching, similar, similarity,
   inexact, edit distance
%X "Many graphical interfacing problems relay on g.matching. ... we explore &
   illustrate how g.matching can be performed using powerful,'intelligent'
   algs., to improve std methods."
   -- [doi:10.1007/978-1-4615-4401-2_10]['22].
   Also see GM@[wilip]['22'.
   [Also search for: graph edit distance].

%A M. A. Bender
%A B. C. Kuszmaul
%A W. Kuszmaul
%T Linear probing revisited: Tombstones mark the death of primary clustering
%J arXiv
%D 2021
%O ? FOCS, Feb 2022 ?
%K TR, c2021, c202x, c20xx, zz0122, linear hashing, hash table, data structure,
   DS, dataStucture, probing, tombstone, insertion, deletion
%X "... widely believed & taught, however, that linear probing should
   never be used at high load factors; this is because primary-clustering
   effects cause insertions at load factor 1−1/x to take expected time
   Theta(x^2) (rather than the ideal Theta(x)). The dangers of primary
   clustering, first discovered by Knuth in 1963, have been taught to
   generations of comp.scientists, & have influenced the design of some of many
   widely used hash tables. We show that primary clustering is not a foregone
   conclusion. We demonstrate that small design decisions in how delns are
   implemented have dramatic effects on the asymptotic performance of insertions
   so that, even if a hash table operates continuously at a load factor
   1−Theta(1/x), the expected amortized cost per operation is ~O(x). ..."
   -- 2107.01250@[arXiv]['22].

%A S. Rajapaksa
%A D. Sumanaweera
%A M. Garcia de la Banda
%A P. Stuckey
%A D. Abramson
%A L. Allison
%A A. Lesk
%A A. Konagurthu
%Y On identifying statistical redundancy at the level of amino acid subsequences
%J Int. Conf. on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM)
%D 2021
%K conf, c2021, c202x, c20xx, zz0122, MolBio, LAllison, AMLesk, ArunK,
   protein, information content, stats, compress, compression, library,
   fragments, sequence, subsequence, structure, indels, source code
%X "... presents a framework to characterize & identify local sequences of
   proteins that are statistically redundant under the measure of Shannon
   information content while accounting for variations in their occurrences over
   evolutionary insertions, deletions, & substitutions of amino acids. The
   identification of such local seqs. provides insights for downstream studies
   on proteins. Here, we have applied our methods to amino acid seq. data sets
   derived from a database 935,552 substructural regions of varying
   sizes, covering 113,724 proteins from the protein data bank. The results
   identify, among others, a surjective mapping between 110,598 local seqs.
   (with an avg. length of 82 AAs/seq.) & 1,493 topological shapes. ..."
   -- [doi:10.1109/BIBM52615.2021.9669282]['22],
   Also see supplementary@[lcb]['22].
   [Also search for: MolBio protein compression].

%A D. Adjeroh
%A Fei Nan
%T On compressibility of protein sequences
%J Proc. the Data Comp. Conf.
%D 2006
%K conf, DCC, MolBio, c2006, c200x, c20xx, zz0122, protein, compress, BW,
   compression, ProtComp, Hategan, Tabus
%X "... Based on an observed genome-scale long-range correlation in concatenated
   protein seqs. from different organisms, we propose a method to exploit this
   unusual redundancy in compressing the p.seqs.. The result is a sig. reduction
   in the # of bits required for representing the seqs.. We report results in
   bits per symbol (bps) of 2.27, 2.55, 3.11 & 3.44 for p.seqs. from
   M.jannaschii, H.influenzae, S.cerevisiae, & H.sapiens ..."
   -- [doi:10.1109/DCC.2006.56]['22].
   (*NB. Some of these numbers are rather "surprising"...
         "Note that an incorrect protein corpus that was more compressible
         somehow got into circulation at some point, resulting in sig. lower
         compression figures being reported by ProtComp (Hategan & Tabus, 2004)
         & BW (Adjeroh & Nan, 2006). The compression results of ProtComp on the
         correct protein corpus were obtained from the author's website. The
         authors of BW have 'moved to new projects' (Nan, 2006) so proper
         compression results for BW are not available." -- MDC *)
   [Also search for: MolBio protein compression].

%A C. D. Wallis
%A et al
%T Association of surgeon-patient sex concordance with postoperative outcomes
%J JAMA Surgery
%D 2021
%K jrnl, c2022, c202x, c20xx, zz0122, human, health, risks, hospital, surgery,
   patient, surgeon, male, female, doctor, sex, gender, operation, outcome
%X "... Sex discordance between surgeon & patient was assoc. with a sig.
   increased likelihood of composite adverse postoperative outcomes (adjusted
   odds ratio [aOR], 1.07; 95% CI, 1.04-1.09), as well as death (aOR, 1.07;
   95% CI, 1.02-1.13), & complications (aOR, 1.09; 95% CI, 1.07-1.11) but not
   readmission (aOR, 1.02; 95% CI, 0.98-1.07). While assocs. were consistent
   across most subgroups, patient sex sig. modified this assoc., with worse
   outcomes for female patients treated by male surgeons (compared with female
   patients treated by female surgeons: aOR, 1.15; 95% CI, 1.10-1.20) but not
   male patients treated by female surgeons ..."
   -- [doi:10.1001/jamasurg.2021.6339]['22].
   (Also see The G [www][4/1/2022].)

%A L. J. Underland
%T The impact of weight change and measures of physical functioning on mortality
%J J. Amer. Geriatrics Soc.
%V ?
%P ?-?
%D 2022
%K jrnl, c2022, c202x, c20xx, zz0122, stats, human, health, medicine, ageing,
   longevity, risk, risks, mortality, lifespan, gender, women, weight,
   grip strength
%X "Lower grip strength & measures of physical functioning are assoc. with
   all-cause mortality. Relationships among long-term weight loss, physical
   functioning, & mortality in older women are understudied. ... Weight loss of
   5% or more percent body weight was assoc. with a hazard ratio of 1.66
   (1.37-2.01) for all-cause mortality. Weight gain was not related to mortality
   or cardiovascular outcomes. Those in the highest grip strength quartile had a
   hazard ratio of 0.51 (0.39-0.66) for all-cause mortality. ..."
   -- [doi:10.1111/jgs.17626]['22] (online Jan 2022).
   [Also search for: lifespan ageing].

%A K. Bjornevik
%A et al
%T Longitudinal analysis reveals high prevalence of Epstein-Barr virus
   associated with multiple sclerosis
%J Science
%V ?
%D 2022
%K jrnl, c2022, c202x, c20xx, zz0122, human health, multiple sclerosis, MS,
   medicine, cause, stats, B cell, Bcell, LMP1, LMP2A, Epstein Barr virus, EBV,
   glandular fever, autoimmune, disease, risk, risks
%X "... tested the hypothesis that MS is caused by ... (EBV) in a cohort
   comprising more than 10 million young adults on active duty in the US mil.,
   955 of whom were diagnosed with MS during their period of service. Risk of
   MS increased 32-fold after infection with EBV but was not increased after
   infection with other v., inc. the similarly transmitted cytomegalovirus.
   Serum levels of neurofilament light chain, a biomarker of neuroaxonal
   degeneration, increased only after EBV seroconversion. These findings cannot
   be explained by any known risk factor for MS & suggest EBV as the leading
   cause of MS."
   -- [doi:10.1126/science.abj8222]['22] (online Jan 2022).
   (Also see persp@[doi:10.1126/science.abm7930][13/1/2022].)

%A G. G. Rosenthal
%A M. J. Ryan
%T Sexual selection and the ascent of women: Mate choice research since Darwin
%V 375
%N 6578
%D 2022
%K jrnl, c2022, c202x, c20xx, zz0122, mate selection, mating, sex, sexual,
   human behaviour, men, women, attraction, biology, biol
%X "Darwin's theory of sexual selection fundamentally changed how we think about
   sex & evolution. ... Contemporaries dismissed D's conjecture of a 'taste for
   the beautiful' as favoring particular mates over others, but there is now
   overwhelming evidence for a primary role of both male & female mate choice in
   sexual seln. D's misogyny precluded much analysis of the 'taste'; an
   increasing focus on mate choice mechanisms before, during, & after mating
   reveals that these often evolve in response to seln pressures that have
   little to do with sexual seln on chosen traits. ..."
   -- [doi:10.1126/science.abi6308]['22],
   [Also search for: mate selection].

%A C. Anderseon
%T The end of theory: The data deluge makes the scientific method obsolete
%J Wired
%D 2008
%K views, opinion, c2008, c200x, c20xx, zz0122, big data, bigData, theory,
   hypothesis, explanation, inference, science, scientific method, correlation
%X "'All models are wrong, but some are useful.' So proclaimed statistician
   George Box 30 years ago, & he was right. But what choice did we have? ..."
   -- [www]['22].

%A J. C. Peterson
%A et al
%T Using large-scale experiments and machine learning to discover theories of
   human decision-making
%J Science
%V 372
%N 6547
%P 1209-1214
%D 2021
%K jrnl, c2021, c202x, c20xx, zz0122, human thought, decision making, choice,
%X "... using large datasets to power machine-learning algs. that are
   constrained to produce interpretable psychological theories. Conducting the
   largest experiment on risky choice to date & analyzing the results using
   gradient-based optimization of differentiable decision theories implemented
   through [ANNs], we were able to recapitulate historical discoveries,
   establish that there is room to improve on existing theories, & discover a
   new, more accurate model of human decision-making in a form that preserves
   the insights from centuries of research."
   -- [doi:10.1126/science.abe2629]['22].
   [Also search for: human decision making].

%A L. Henriet
%A et al ...
%A C. Jurczak
%T Quantum computing with neutral atoms
%J arXiv
%D 2020
%O Quantum J., vol.4, p.327, Sep. 2020
%K TR, c2020, c202x, c20xx, zz0122, quantum, computing, qubit, neutral atom
%X "... review the main characteristics of these devices from atoms/qubits to
   application interfaces, & propose a class'n of a wide variety of tasks that
   can already be addressed in a computationally efficient manner in the Noisy
   Intermediate Scale Quantum era we are in. We illustrate how applic'ns ranging
   from optimization challenges to simulation of can be explored
   either at the digital level (programming gate-based circuits) or at the
   analog level (programming Hamiltonian seqs.). We give evidence of the
   intrinsic scalability of neutral atom q.processors in the 100-1,000 qubits
   range & intro. prospects for universal fault tolerant q.computing &
   applications beyond q.computing."
   -- [arXiv]['22] and in
   [Also search for: quantum computing].

%A E. Adlam
%T Determinism beyond time evolution
%J arXiv
%D 2021
%K TR, physics, c2021, c202x, c20xx, zz0122, time, arrow, determinism, chance
%X "... we use a constraint-based framework to set out a generalization of
   determinism which does not presuppose temporal directedness, distinguishing
   between strong, weak & delocalised global determinism. We discuss some
   interesting consequences of these generalized notions of determinism, & we
   show that this approach sheds new light on the long-standing debate
   surrounding the nature of objective chance."
   -- 2110.07656@[arXiv]['22],
   [Also search for: time arrow].

%A H. Bannai
%A Tomohiro I
%A T. Kociumaka
%A D. Koppl
%A S. J. Puglisi
%T Computing longest (common) Lyndon subsequences
%J arXiv
%D 2022
%K TR, c2022, c202x, c20xx, zz0122, Lyndon, word, words, LyndonWord, factors,
   subsequence, string, strings, longest common Lyndon subsequence, LCLS,
%X "Given a string T with length n whose characters are drawn from an ordered
   alphabet of size s, its longest Lyndon subsequence is a longest subseq. of
   T that is a Lyndon word. We propose algs. for finding such a subseq. in
   O(n^3) time with O(n) space, or online in O(n^3s) space & time. Our 1st
   result can be extended to find the longest common L. subseq. of two strings
   of length n in O(n^4s) time using O(n^3) space. 
   -- 2201.06773@[arXiv]['22].
   [Also search for: LyndonWord].

%T The online information environment: Understanding how the internet shapes
   people's engagement with scientific information
%I The Royal Soc.
%D 2022
%K report , news, views, c2022, c202x, c20xx, zz0122, internet, www, twitter,
   meta, facebook, reddit, social media, fake news, fakeNews, misinformation,
   malinformation, deepfake, removal, dePlatform, deplatforming, trumpery,
   altRight, 4chan, QQ, Qanon, antivax
%X uk us isbn13:9781782525677.
   "How are digital technologies changing the way people interact with
   information?  What technologies are there that can fabricate & detect
   misinformation? And what role does technology have to play in creating a
   better information environment? ..."
   -- [www]['22].
   (Also see [bbc][19/1/2022].)

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