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%T European Conf. on Machine Learning (ECML)
%K ECML, ECML14,2003, ECML,2004, ECML16,2005, ECML17,2006, ECML32,2021,
   ECML33,2022, ECML34,2023, ECML35,2024,
   CFP,conf,AI,Euro,EEC,www,HREF,http, zz0224, zz0324, zz0225, zz0226
%X [9-13 Sep 2024] Vilnius, deadline 15 March 2024
   [18-22 Sep 2023] Torino, deadline 26 March 2023
   [19-23 Sep 2022] Grenoble+online, deadline jrnl 11 Feb, conf 21 March 2022

%T Int. Conf. on Functional Programming (ICFP)
%K ICFP, ICFP8,2003, ICFP9,2004, ICFP10,ICFP05,2005, ICFP11,ICFP06,2006,
   ICFP12,ICFP07,2007, ICFP13,ICFP08,2008, ICFP14,ICFP09,2009, ICFP13,2013,
   ICFP14,2014, ICFP15,2015, ICFP16,2016, ICFP17,2017, ICFP18,2018, ICFP19,2019,
   ICFP20,2020, ICFP21,2021, ICFP22,2022, ICFP23,2023, ICFP24,2024,
   CFP,conf,FP,theory,applications,lambda calculus,http,HREF,www,zz0224,zz0225
%X [2024 2-7 Sept 2024], Milan, deadline 28 Feb 2024
   [2023 4-9 Sept 2023], Seattle, deadline 1 March 2023
   [2022 Sep 11-16] Ljubljana, deadline 2 March 2022
   . . .

%A O. Regev
%T On lattices, learning with errors, random linear codes, and cryptography
%J Proc. of the 37th Annual ACM Symp. on Theory of Comput.
%P 84-93
%D 2005
%K conf, c2005, c200x, c20xx, zz0224, lattice based, code, cryptography,
%X "Our main result is a red'n from worst-case lattice problems such as GapSVP
   & SIVP to a certain learning problem. ... This, we believe, gives a strong
   indication that these problems are hard. Our red'n, however, is quantum.
   Hence, an efficient soln to the learning problem implies a q.alg. for GapSVP
   & SIVP. A main open question is whether this red'n can be made classical
   (i.e., nonquantum). ..."
   -- [doi:10.1145/1568318.1568324]['24] and
   [Also search for: lattice based cryptography].

%A R. Cramer
%A L. Ducas
%A C. Peikert
%A O. Regev
%T Recovering short generators of principal ideals in cyclotomic rings
%J Int. Conf. on the Theory & Appl. of Cryptographic Techniques
%I Springer
%V 9666
%P 559-585
%D 2016
%K conf, c2016, c201x, c20xx, zz0224, cyclotomic ring, lattice based, ideal,
   short, generator, encryption, cryptography, algorithm,
   shortest vector problem, SVP
%X "... we clarify the situation by giving a rigorous proof that the log-unit
   lattice is indeed efficiently decodable, for any cyclotomic of prime-power
   index ... as a 2nd main contr'n we obtain an efficient alg. that, given any
   generator of a principal ideal (in a p.-power cyclotomic), finds a
   2^{_O(sqrt(n))}-approx. shortest vector in the ideal. Combining this with
   the result of Biasse & Song yields a q.polynomial-time alg. for the
   2^{_O(sqrt(n))-approx. Shortest Vector Problem on principal ideal lattices."
   -- [doi:10.1007/978-3-662-49896-5_20]['24].
   [Also search for: lattice based cryptography].

%A S. Kale
%A et al
%T A modern approach to electoral delimitation using the quadtree data structure
%J arXiv
%D 2024
%K TR, c2024, c202x, c20xx, zz0224, politics, electorate, electoral, boundary,
   district, redistribution, gerrymander, delimitation, political, election
%X "... study & analyse the performance of existing delimitation algs. & further
   propose a potential soln, along with its merits, that involves using a
   computational model based on the quadtree data structure to automate the
   districting process by optimizing objective population criteria. ..."
   -- [arxiv:2402.09336]['24].
   [Also search for: gerrymander].

%A C.Moy
%T Knuth-Morris-Pratt illustrated
%V 34
%N e3
%D 2024
%K FP, JFP, c2024, c202x, c20xx, zz0224, string, pattern matching, search
%X "... This paper constructs KMP incrementally, using pictures to illustrate
   each step. The end result is easier to comprehend. [&] the derivation uses
   only elementary FP techniques."
   -- [doi:10.1017/S0956796824000017]['24].
   [Also search for: Knuth Morris Pratt string].

%A M. Catanzaro
%T Citation cartels help some mathematicians - and their universities - climb
   the rankings
%J Science
%D 2024
%K news, c2024, c202x, c20xx, zz0224, university ranking, rankings, academia,
   publications, fraud, citation cartel, citations, China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia,
   rankings, manipulation, gaming, maths, bibliometrics, Clarivate, Docampo
%X "Cliques of mathematicians at institutions in China, Saudi Arabia, &
   elsewhere have been artificially boosting their colleagues' citation counts
   by churning out low-quality papers that repeatedly reference their work,
   according to an unpublished analysis seen by Science. ..."
   -- [doi:10.1126/science.zcl2s6d]['24].
   [Also search for: university ranking].

%A M. Kozlov
%T Dana-Farber retractions: meet the blogger who spotted problems in dozens of
   cancer papers
%J Nature
%V 626
%P 16-17
%D 2024
%K news, c2024, c202x, c20xx, zz0224, academic research, publications, papers,
   scientific, misconduct, images, figures, paper retraction, DFCI, Sholto David
%X "The prestigious Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) in Boston, Mass.,
   acknowledged this week that it would seek retractions for 6 papers &
   corrections for an additional 31 ..."
   -- [doi:10.1038/d41586-024-00202-9]['24].
   [Also search for: paper retraction].

%A D. Burns
%A E. N. Hawkins
%A D. R. Judd
%A J. L. Venn
%T The Egdon system for the KDF9
%V 8
%N 4
%P 297-302
%D 1966
%K COMPJ, jrnl, c1966, c196x, c19xx, zz0224, KDF9, KDF 9, operating system, OS,
   multiprogramming, timesharing, kernel, COSEC, COTAN, Thomas Hardy,
   computing, c1966, c196x, c19xx, English Electric
%X "An operating system based on the use of high-level languages & on the use of
   a discfile for program storage is described. The use of the discfile & the
   fact that only a small fraction of a program has to be recompiled when an
    error is corrected means that a very quick turnround is provided to users."
   -- [doi:10.1093/comjnl/8.4.297]['24].
   (Also see,
   "... The EGDON O.S. was so named because one was going to UKAEA Winfrith: in
   Thomas Hardy's book The Return of the Native Winfrith Heath is called Egdon
   Heath. EGDON Fortran was called EGTRAN. Eldon was so named because Leeds U's.
   computer was located in a converted Eldon chapel. ..."
   -- KDF9@[wikip]['24].)
   [Also search for: KDF9].

%A L. Grover
%A T. Rudolph
%T Creating superpositions that correspond to efficiently integrable
   probability distributions
%D 2002
%K TR, c2002, c200x, c20xx, zz0224, quantum computing, probability distribution,
   integration, quantum, superposition, computing
%X "We give a simple & efficient process for generating a q.superposition of
   states which form a discrete approx. of any efficiently integrable (such as
   log concave) probability density fns."
   -- [doi:quant-ph/0208112]['24].
   [Also search for: quantum computing]  and  [also search for: Grover quantum].

%A Kaizhe Wang
%A et al
%T Centrifugal flows drive reverse rotation of Feynman's sprinkler
%J Physical Rev. Lett.
%V 132
%N 4, #044003
%D 2024
%K physics, c2024, c202x, c20xx, zz0224, Feynman, sprinkler, rotation, rotate,
   fluid, hydrodynamics
%X "... reversibility in hydromechanical sprinklers that auto-rotate while
   ejecting fluid from S-shaped tubes raises fundamental [Qs] that remain
   unresolved. ... report on precision experiments that reveal robust &
   persistent reverse rotn under suction & a model that accounts for the
   observed motions. We implement an ultralow friction bearing in an apparatus
   that allows for free rotn under ejection & suction for a range of flow rates
   & arb. long times. Flow measurements reveal a rocketlike mechanism shared by
   the rev. & fwd modes that involves angular momentum flux, whose subtle
   manifestation in the reverse case stems from centrifugal effects for flows in
   curved conduits. These findings answer F's long-standing Q by providing
   quantitatively accurate explanations of both modes, & they suggest further
   inquiries into flux-based force generation & the roles of geometry &
   Reynolds number."
   -- [doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.132.044003]['24].

%A E. Gibney
%T Pioneering nuclear-fusion reactor shuts down: what scientists will learn
%J Nature
%V 626
%P 13-14
%D 2024
%K news, c2024, c202x, c20xx, zz0224, physics, nuclear, fusion power, energy,
   Culham, UK, UKAEA, JET, Joint European Torus, tokamak, ITER
%X "Scientists have begun to decommission one of the world's foremost
   nuclear-fusion reactors, 40 years after it began operations. Researchers will
   study the 17-year process of dismantling the Joint European Torus (JET) near
   Oxford ..."
   -- [doi:10.1038/d41586-024-00135-3]['24].
   Also see JET@[ukaea]['24],
   (?Slightly premature ... also see fusion JET c2024.)
   [Also search for: fusion power JET].

%T Breaking new ground: JET Tokamak's latest fusion energy record shows
   mastery of fusion processes
%I EUROfusion
%D 2024
%K news, c2024, c202x, c20xx, zz0224, physics, nuclear, fusion power, energy,
   deuterium tritium, Culham, UK, UKAEA, JET, Joint European Torus, tokamak,
%X "... (JET) facility have set a new world energy record of 69 megajoules
   released in sustained & controlled fusion energy. ... 69.26 megajoules of
   heat released during a single pulse ... Released over six seconds from only
   0.21 milligrams of fuel ... 20 times the amount of energy released in a
   recent shot at the U.S. National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence
   Livermore National Laboratory [LLNL] in Oct. 2023 ..."
   -- [www]['24].
   Also see the [bbc]['9/2/2024].

%A N. C. J. Papadopoulos
%A et al
%T Reductive quantum phase estimation
%J arXiv
%D 2024
%L TR, c2024, c202x, c20xx, zz0224, quantum computing, phase estimation,
   algorithm, QPE, RQPE
%X "... two well-known methods have been developed in distinct contexts, namely,
   Ramsey interferometry (RI) in atomic & molecular physics & quantum phase
   est. (QPE) in q.computing. We demonstrate that these canonical examples are
   instances of a larger class of phase est. protocols, which we call reductive
   q.phase est. (RQPE) circuits. ... present an explicit alg. that allows one to
   create an RQPE circuit. [It] distinguishes an arbitrary set of phases with a
   fewer # of qubits & unitary applications ..."
   -- [arxiv:2402.04471]['24].
   [Also search for: quantum phase].

%A B. Omer
%T Classical concepts in quantum programming
%J arXiv
%D 2003
%O QS2002 proc.
%K conf, c2003, c200x, c20xx, zz0224, quantum programming language, QCL,
   state, gate, program
%X "... investigates, how classical concepts like h/w abstraction, hierarchical
   programs, data types, memory management, flow of control & structured
   programming can be used in q.computing. The experimental language QCL will be
   introduced as an [eg], how elements like irreversible fns, local variables &
   conditional branching, which have no direct q. counterparts, can be
   implemented ..."
   -- [arxiv:quant-ph/0211100]['24].
   [Also search for: quantum Omer].

%A B. Omer
%T Structured quantum programming
%I Inst. for Theor. Physics, Vienna U. of Tech.
%P 72, 92–107
%D 1999
%K thesis, c1999, c199x, c19xx, zz0224, quantum computing,
   programming language, program
%X "... This thesis investigates how the classical formalism of structured
   programming can be adapted to the field of q.computing, based on the
   m/c model of a universal computer with a allowing the application
   of unitary gates & the measurement of single qubits ..."
   -- Archived from the original (PDF) on March 27, 2022,
   [Also search for: quantum Omer].

%A D. Stein
%A S.Staton
%T Probabilistic programming with exact conditions
%D 2024
%K jrnl, JACM, c2024, c202x, c20xx, zz0224, Gaussian, programming language,
   STAN, model
%X "We spell out the paradigm of exact conditioning as an intuitive & powerful
   way of conditioning on observations in probabilistic programs. This is
   contrasted with likelihood-based scoring known from languages such as Stan.
   ... cases of discrete & Gaussian probability ..."
   "Prob.prog. is a prog.paradigm that uses code to formulate generative
   statistical models & perform inference on them ..."
   -- [doi:10.1145/3632170]['24].

%A Yang Li
%A et al
%T Private graph data release: A survey
%J Computing Surveys
%V 55
%N 11
%P 1-39
%D 2023
%K jrnl, ACM, c2023, c202x, c20xx, zz0224, KelvinYL, differential privacy,
   graphs, stats, pufferfish privacy, private
%X "... a comprehensive survey of private graph data release algs. that seek to
   achieve the fine balance between privacy & utility, with a specific focus on
   provably private mechanisms. Many ... are natural extensions of the
   Differential Privacy f/wk to graph data, but we also investigate more general
   privacy formulations like Pufferfish Privacy ..."
   -- [doi:10.1145/3569085]['24].

%A Xiao Mao
%T Breaking the cubic barrier for (unweighted) tree edit distance
%D 2021
%O SIAM J. Comput., 53(1), 2024
%K conf, FOCS, c2021, c202x, c20xx, zz0224, unweighted, tree edit distance,
   treeEdit, maxPlus, algorithm
%X "... In this paper, we break the cubic barrier by showing an time alg. for
   the unweighted tree ED problem. We consider an equivalent maximization
   problem & use a DP scheme involving matrices with many special properties. By
   using a decomposition scheme as well as several combinatorial techniques, we
   reduce TED to the max-plus product of bounded-difference matrices, which can
   be solved in truly subcubic time ..."
   -- [doi:10.1137/22M1480719]['24].
   [Also search for: treeEdit].

%A G. Bathie
%A et al
%T Pattern matching with mismatches and wildcards
%J arXiv
%D 2024
%K TR, c2024, c202x, c20xx, zz0224, algorithm, string, strings, mismatch,
   wildcard, pattern matching, match
%X "... approximate pattern matching with wildcards. Given a pattern P of length
   m containing D wildcards, a text T of length n, & an int. k, ... identify
   all fragments of T within Hamming distance k from P. Our primary contrib'n is
   an alg. with runtime O(n+(D+k)(G+k).n/m). Here, G <= D represents the # of
   maximal wildcard fragments in P. ..."
   -- [arxiv:2402.07732]['24]. 
   [Also search for: string pattern matching].

%A J.-Y. Girard
%T The system F of variable types, fifteen years later
%J Theor. Comp. Sci.
%V 45
%P 159-192
%D 1986
%K jrnl, TCS, c1986, c198x, c19xx, zz0224, typed lambda calculus, type, types,
   system F, systemF
%X "The semantic study of system F stumbles on the problem of variable types
   for which there was no convincing interpretation; we develop here a semantics
   based on the category-theoretic idea of direct limit, so that the behaviour
   of a variable type on any domain is determined by its behaviour on finite
   ones, thus getting rid of the circularity of variable types. To do so, one
   has first to simplify somehow the extant semantic ideas, replacing Scott
   domains by the simpler & more finitary qualitative domains. The interp'n
   obt. is extremely compact, as shown on simple examples. ... also contains the
   defn of a very small 'universal model' of lambda-calculus, & investigates the
   concept totality."
   -- [doi:10.1016/0304-3975(86)90044-7]['24].
   [Also search for: systemF]  and  [also search for: typed lambda calculus].
   (Also see system F @ [wikip]['24].)

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