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200309 to do

  1. Reorganise the normal (Gaussian) distribution along the lines of the multiState distribution.
  2. Better costing of classification-trees.
  3. Generalize the current 0-lookahead search for classification-trees to n-lookahead, n>0.
  4. Add splitting and merging of components to the mixture-model search.
  5. Look for places to make better use of the prelude functions, e.g. any, all, fold[l|r], min, max, repeat, scan[l|r], sum, zipWith, etc., to simplify the code.
  6. Provide some simple I/O support, e.g. for `comma separated variable' files.
  7. ...

5/12/2003, L. Allison, School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Monash University, Australia 3800.
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